How to feed a malnourished cat

Sadly, seeing a starving cat is too easy. There is a growing feline population that very few people care for. From experience I can tell you that a small feline regularly approaches the colony, thin, starving and looking for a little affection.

What to do in these cases? How can we help? Let’s know how to feed a malnourished cat .

When a cat is malnourished it can suffer many sequelae due to lack of food, some as serious as heart or eye problems. And it is that, in addition to the consequences of extreme thinness, is added the fact that you may have serious difficulties to regulate your body temperature ; and the situation worsens in autumn and winter, when temperatures drop. The animal, which is well underweight, has a body that loses heat very quickly; In doing so, the chances of you ending up ill are very high unless you act quickly.

How to help you? Well, taking into account that you have to make sure that he does not get cold and that he eats, the important thing is to decide what to do first, which is to protect him from the low temperatures by taking him to a safe place . But, be careful, for this it is advisable to place it in a carrier or cage for cats in which we will have put an open can of wet food to enter.


Once we have gotten him to enter calmly, we will cover the carrier or cage with a towel so that he cannot see the outside, which will make him feel calmer, and we will take him to a safe place, such as a room without curtains , especially if the cat has become very nervous at some point. In it, and before letting it go out, we have to put a feeder -or two- with wet food that does not contain cereals or by-products since it can feel bad, and a bed.

In the event that he does not eat, we must take him to the vet to examine him. If your life is in danger, you may need intravenous feeding.



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