How to feed a kitten?

Kittens are a real cutie. They are so sweet, cute, and furry that you want to give them lots of kisses and protect them. But unfortunately we have to bear in mind that there is an overpopulation of these animals, and that there are many, the vast majority, who will end up poorly living on the street.

In the event that you have met a furry one, below I am going to explain how to feed a kitten , from when it is born until it is one year old.

0-1 month of life

During the first four weeks of life the kitten must be fed with replacement milk, every 2-3 hours . In veterinary clinics we can find it, but if not, we can provide you with the following preparation:

  • 250ml of whole milk without lactose
  • A raw egg yolk (without any white)
  • A teaspoon of heavy cream

In the event that we cannot get whole milk without lactose, we can put:

  • 150ml whole milk
  • 50ml of water
  • 50ml of natural yogurt (without sugar)
  • Raw egg yolk (without white)
  • A teaspoon of heavy cream

1-3 months of life

In these months the kitten will begin to have its milk teeth, so it is time for it to eat solid but very soft food . Ideally, give high-quality wet kitten food (cans) that does not contain grains or by-products. We chop it up well and offer it to them.

At first it is normal that you hesitate a lot to eat it or not. We can try to convince him by putting a little – very, very little – of food inside his mouth, closing it gently with his hands and not letting go until he has swallowed, something that he will instinctively do.

It may seem cruel, but sometimes there is no choice but to force him a little, especially when the milk no longer satisfies him (this can be known if, having dewormed and checked a veterinarian, he drinks very eagerly and then meows for more).

3 months and older

From this age, the kitten can already eat dry kitten food that does not contain cereals or by-products. It is very important that from a young age he is fed with quality food, since it is the only way to have a balanced and healthy growth.

To make it easier for you to get used to and, incidentally, to avoid gastrointestinal problems typical of sudden changes in diet, you should do the following:



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