How to feed a cat that does not want to eat

Our cat will go through different stages throughout its life. Like us, he will have very good moments, and others that will not be so. You may fall ill from time to time or witness a separation, move, or the loss of a loved one.

How will you react to these changes? Surely wrong. He will lose interest in his toys, he will spend more time in his bed, he will not want us to be separated from him too much, and what is more worrying if possible, he may stop feeding. How to feed a cat that does not want to eat? It is not easy, but with these tips it will be a little more 😉.

To help our dear friend, the first thing we need to know is why he has lost his appetite. Thus, we can take the necessary measures and achieve, thus, that little by little it recovers:

  • Tense family environment: the animal that does not feel calm, could stop eating. The screaming, loud music, not leaving your personal space, disrespect for the animal, in addition to mistreatment, will only serve to make the cat fall ill.
  • Arrival of a new member of the family: cats do not like changes very much, and if that change is produced by the arrival of a new member to the home, it usually costs them much more to accept it.
  • Has any disease: There are some diseases, such as feline leukemia or feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) that can cause the nasal passages to become blocked and the cat loses its ability to smell. When that happens, you don’t want to eat as much as you used to.
  • He has lost a loved one: All animals with feelings, including cats, have a hard time when they stop seeing a loved one. They can be seen as if they are absent, sitting in a corner looking nowhere. They won’t feel like playing or eating, but we have to make sure they get at least some food and water every day.
  • Abandonment: a cat that has been abandoned may stop eating. Why? Because he finds himself in a situation that he doesn’t know how to deal with He may be in an animal shelter, but even with more cats and people who really care about him, he will be sad for a while until he finds a real family.

How to win back the palate of a sick or sad cat?


The first and most important thing we have to do is take him to the vet for examination. As we have said, if you are sick you may not eat, so to do so we will probably only have to give you the medicine that the professional recommends. In no case should we self-medicate as it could be very harmful to him.

Another thing we can do is give him cans (wet food) for cats . As these have a more intense smell than dry feed, it will stimulate your appetite, and it will surely leave nothing on the plate. They have a higher price than dry food, but we advise you to give it cans until it has recovered, or mix it with the feed.

On the other hand, you have to leave water, as well as food, always freely available , in a room where not many people pass. If it is a cat that is having a hard time because the family has increased, it is highly advisable to ensure that both of you spend time together, receiving the same “amount” of affection and the same attention.

If time passes and we do not see improvement, it is important that we take him to the vet and to a cat educator who works positively , especially if we suspect that he is grieving or depressed . The good health of the furry will depend, to a large extent, on being well fed and cared for.

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