How to feed a baby cat

Puppies awaken our instincts for protection, and they are so cute! Unfortunately, there are many of them who are separated from their mothers too soon, either because something serious has happened to them or because the person who had them has abandoned them. In both cases the situation for them is very complicated, since they are deprived of the maternal warmth that they need so much, and of food .

If you come across one but don’t know how to feed a baby cat , we will give you some tips so that the little one can get ahead.

Why do they have to spend time with the mother

But first, it is important to know that they should not be separated before at least two months of age . It is essential for them to spend that time with their mother and siblings, since not only will they be able to feed themselves (and therefore grow) properly, but they will also learn the basics that they must know so that tomorrow they behave like a adult cat, that is, it will know how to play, how to use the sandbox,… and, above all, how to be sociable.

As we said, not everyone has that luck, but they have another: to have found you . For him, you will be something like his mother, who has to feed him, stimulate the anal area to relieve himself, teach him to use the tray and give him a lot of love.

How to feed an orphan kitten

If the little one is less than 15 days old, you will have to feed him every three hours with a 3cm-cubic syringe, without a needle. Fill it with special milk for kittens – on sale in veterinary clinics and pet stores – and press down little by little. But if it is something older, more than 15 days, you can give it every 4-6 hours. From the month on, we will add solid food, always mixed with your milk.

Once he is two months old, it will be time to give him puppy food . As it is growing, it is recommended that it be of very good quality, free of cereals, so that it has strong bones and a healthy immune system.



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