How to detect an allergy to flea bites in cats?

Fleas are terribly annoying parasites. They multiply very quickly, and after each laying they can hatch more than 200 eggs. Just thinking about it makes me itch all over my body. And the worst is not that; the worst thing is that they can cause many problems to our beloved cats, one of the most frequent being allergies.

How can we detect an allergy to flea bites in cats and what measures should we take to help them? In this article I will tell you .

What are the symptoms?

Fleas are parasites that barely exceed 3mm, but they are experts in wreaking havoc on both furry animals and human homes. Cats allergic to their bite will show these symptoms as soon as the peck occurs :

  • Excessive licking
  • Alopecia
  • Crusted skin
  • Flaking of some areas
  • Intense itching

Once we have detected these symptoms we must take it to the vet.

How is the diagnosis and treatment done?

To make the diagnosis, the professional will take a medical history and a physical examination . If necessary, he will also do a blood test to see if the number of eosinophils – white blood cells that serve to defend the body – is too high.

As soon as it is confirmed, he will proceed to recommend treating them with corticosteroid and / or antihistamine drugs . Although we will also have to give them some antiparasitic treatment (pipettes, necklaces) so that they do not have fleas again and clean the house thoroughly.

House cleaning to eliminate fleas

Although cats never leave the house, we do, so the risk of some entering the home is high during the warm months of the year. So, if we want to prevent and / or eliminate them from the home, in addition to putting an antiparasitic in cats, we will have to do the following:

  • Vacuum all rooms. If you don’t have one, fill the mop bucket with boiling water and clean the floor.
  • Clean all feline accessories, including their toys and beds with hot water.
  • Wash the clothes on the furniture if they have it, also with hot water.
  • Have -or plant- some lavender plants, whose smell acts as a repellent.



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