How to cut your cat's claws?

How To Cut Your Cat’S Claws?

Because he too often scratches your furniture, your curtains, your carpets or your upholstery, or because he scratched you again until he bled, you want to cut your cat’s claws. But this practice divides because felines need it on a daily basis. How do you know if you should cut your cat’s claws? Are there alternatives? How to proceed ? Answers!

Indoor Cat Or Outdoor Cat: A Different Approach

The Claws Of A Cat In The Wild

A cat’s claws in the wild are a particularly powerful weapon. A weapon that can even be lethal since a wild cat can use its claws to kill its prey. He also uses them to evolve in the sometimes hostile nature. It climbs trees and clings to various natural supports. The environment of a domestic cat is decisive. It must be taken into consideration before making the choice to cut its claws.

Should An Outdoor Cat’S Claws Be Cut?

Before trimming your cat’s claws, you must take the time to identify its needs. An outdoor cat needs its claws much more than an indoor cat. It is not recommended to cut him. When outside, your cat needs its claws to climb trees, to run faster, to hunt and to defend itself. He uses them instinctively. If you cut them off, you put him in danger.

If you want to optimize the well-being of your outdoor cat, you must ensure that he is not injured and that he is eating properly. Remember to check his claws. It is not uncommon for lesions to be present at this level.

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What About Indoor Cats?

If your cat never goes out, it’s possible that he’s scratching your house a little too much. In this case, it may be considered to give him a manicure. But beware, this should only be done as a last resort. Before that, you must try to prevent your cat from scratching in inappropriate places.

How To Prevent A Cat From Scratching Your House?

Because he needs his claws, a cat takes care of maintaining them. This is why, in particular, he makes his claws on supports that seem appropriate to him. Normally, you don’t have to worry about it.

To avoid damage, make a scraper available to your companion. It can also be a cat tree. The space for scratching must be vertical so that the cat can assume a natural position. It can be interesting to provide some toys for your cat. Thus, he will not be tempted to destroy your furniture.

Remember, however, that a cat that scratches is a cat that marks its territory. To do this, he also does not hesitate to rub himself everywhere and even to urinate. This practice is called urine marking, it is particularly unpleasant.

What If Your Cat Has A Behavior Problem?

Sometimes a cat does not control its claws. He takes them out to play without really realizing that he can alter his environment or hurt others without meaning to. Your cat may have a behavior problem. In this case, it is important to make an appointment with your veterinarian or to identify what could be causing stress in your cat.

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When To Cut Your Cat’S Claws?

Sometimes clipping a cat’s claws is unavoidable. Moreover, it should be done only if absolutely necessary. This is the case when the cat ages. With age, your feline is less active. It shows on his claws. The latter are longer, less regular and can even grow inside the pads. To avoid this inconvenience, as soon as your cat no longer scratches, they must be maintained by cutting them regularly.

Whatever the age of the cat, it can suffer from handicap or obesity. His movements can then be limited, which prevents him from doing his claws or even his toilet. Also know that the cat only walks on 4 toes. 5e, which is called ergot, never touches the ground and wears less. This claw in particular needs to be cut.

How To Properly Cut Your Cat’S Claws?

Do you want to cut your cat’s claws? Vigilance is key. Your cat will not let it go! If it’s the first time, he can get scared and be aggressive. You may have difficulty handling it. We recommend that you wear gloves to avoid getting scratched. Attention ! A cat’s claws are not fingernails. Do not use nail clippers or scissors. In pet stores or at the veterinarian, you will find nail clippers.

To cut a cat’s claws, you need:

  • Reassure the animal, by stroking it for example,
  • Take one of the animal’s legs,
  • Hold the tip between your thumb and forefinger,
  • Press lightly on the pad to bring out the claws,
  • Cut the transparent part,
  • Do the same with the other legs.
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It is important to cut only the transparent part. If you go further, you risk reaching the blood vessels (pink part). The cut is then painful for the cat and the risk of infection is real. Once you are done, reassure your cat again. For this, you can stroke it or give it a treat.

Worried about not trimming your cat’s claws properly? Know that during a visit to the veterinarian, you can ask him to cut your cat’s claws and above all, to show you how to proceed. Over the months, if you regularly trim your cat’s claws, it will get used to it and become more and more docile.

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