How to clean the cat’s eyes

The eyes are a very important part of the body for cats. In the natural environment it makes use of them to hunt its prey, and inside our homes they need them, among other things, to know where the person they love most is 🙂.

Normally, they do not require maintenance, since it is the animal itself that is responsible for removing the dirt with its feet. However, sometimes we will have to do this work, so if you find yourself in the situation and do not know how to clean the cat’s eyes , we will help you.

Why can their eyes get dirty?

A healthy cat will have slightly moist, open eyes. But throughout his life you will see how one or both of them cry for him, or that he cannot open them. These are situations that sometimes occur caused by a weakened immune system.

In most cases, it is not serious. You may have caught a cold and caught a cold, but in other cases we will have to worry, especially if the third eyelid becomes visible or if you have a potentially dangerous disease , such as Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) or feline leukemia. Both can considerably decrease the quality of life of the animal, so before any change in your friend’s routine, it is advisable to visit your trusted veterinarian.

It is important to remember that a cat that is very ill may stop grooming . And if that happens, you could even stop eating, thus putting your life in danger. You could say that hygiene is vital for them, so if your furry is not well, you should take care of keeping it clean … not only its body, but also its eyes.

What are the eye diseases that affect cats?


When the conjunctiva becomes inflamed, it produces a reddening of the affected eye and secretions that can be transparent in milder cases, or purulent when the disease has worsened. The causes that cause it are several: from viruses to bacteria, through fungi and, unfortunately, it can also be associated with other diseases such as those mentioned above.


This is a disease that affects the interior structure of the eye, causing the animal a lot of pain . It is caused mainly by fungal and viral infections, although you can also have it if you have cancer. If it is not treated in time, you can lose your vision.


It is very similar to conjunctivitis, however, keratitis is not only painful, but can also cause partial or total blindness of the affected eye.


It occurs when there is abnormal pressure in the eyeball. The fluid that circulates through the veins of a healthy eye drains without causing problems, but when there is any change the fluid accumulates, causing damage to the nerves and can lead to blindness . There are many causes that can cause glaucoma: cataracts, wounds or infections are among the most common.


It is a bacterial disease that causes inflammation and redness of the eye. It is very contagious ; however, the currently available vaccine has many unpleasant side effects such as vomiting and fever, so it is highly recommended to keep the cat indoors to avoid taking risks.

How to clean my cat’s eyes?


Now that we have seen what are the diseases that can affect the eyes of our friends, let’s see how to clean their eyes without him or us having a bad time. To do this, the first thing we have to do is relax , since otherwise he will realize that we are nervous, and he will not be able to avoid feeling tense as well. So, take a breath, count to 10 little by little and exhale, also slowly.

You are better? If so, it is time to prepare everything you will need, and if not, do it again until you feel calmer. When you are ready, you will have to take the following: gloves (preferably disposable, although if you do not have they can be rubber, the kind used to wash dishes), some gauze that are sold in pharmacies, and finally you have to make an infusion of chamomile . This does not have to be very cold or very warm, but at room temperature.

Once you have everything, wash your hands well, and put on the gloves. With the help of these the risk of you being infected is practically nil (in fact, there could only be a possibility of contagion if with the gloves on you rubbed your hand over your eyes).


Then, put a gauze in the glass that contains the infusion and, avoiding dripping, clean your furry’s eyes. It is very important not to apply too much pressure. If you see that it has legañas that are very stuck, pass the gauze several times until it softens and can be removed. Now, if you see that there is no way, then there will be no other than to apply a little more pressure, but without harming the animal.

A cat that has dirt in its eyes is likely to have some other problem, which can be from a simple cold to the flu. Taking this into account, it is very necessary to take him to the vet so that he can give him the most appropriate treatment and thus get him back to health.




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