How to clean a cat without bathing it? Practical Guide

How to clean a cat without bathing it? Practical Guide

If you have a cat, you have surely witnessed its panic when hearing a tap or that it avoids, at any cost, all kinds of contact with water, almost desperately.

Well yes, our feline pets in general do not like water. And despite their reputation for being super hygienic, it doesn’t hurt to turn to certain grooming tips to help them stay clean. Do you want to know them?

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Why do cats hate bathing?

Since the cat is a cat, the truth is that they have never had much experience with water. In fact, their ancestors lived in deserts, and since we began to domesticate them, around 9500 years ago, they have been protected from this element.

” Cats have not evolved to relate much to water, ” says Katherine Houpt , an animal behavior specialist at Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Scientists believe that this little experience with water is the reason why they do not tolerate it. For this reason, everything that indicates this danger alters them (taps, leaks, sprinklers, etc.), and it is that kittens fear the unknown.

Your cat is not only afraid of water itself, but of the noise it causes and being wet.

Is it advisable to bathe a cat?

Most veterinarians do not recommend bathing kittens because it can dry out their fur and remove essential pheromones for them to communicate with other felines.

However, some cats do like to get wet . Yes! those who have been accustomed as puppies or live in contact, such as near a lake, where his own curiosity will lead him to try venturing out for a swim.

When should i help my cat clean itself?

Surely you have seen them in contortionist poses to groom themselves, however there are extreme occasions or not so much, where you can contribute, with the appropriate means and forms for their hygiene.

Although cats have full autonomy to keep themselves clean, we tell you when you should give them a hand:

  • It has arrived with a lot of dirt and we don’t want it to swallow that dirt when licking itself.
  • It gives off an odor that is too intense.
  • You have any skin, dental, or eye disease.
  • Assist you in conflictive areas which will be difficult for you to reach with your tongue or legs.

Tips for cleaning a cat without bathing it with water

By choosing the right products, you can keep your cat clean without bathing it. With this you also prevent it from having parasites and it will improve the appearance of your hair and skin, without exposing it to water.

For proper hygiene, you should also have the necessary utensils and products.

  • Brush: findone that you like and feel comfortable with. Comb it regularly. This will keep their coat free of dirt and loose hair. It also stimulates the circulation and secretions of the sebaceous glands. In this way, their fur will light up; In addition, you will prevent painful tangles from forming, especially if your cat has long hair.
  • Nail clippers: Make sure you don’t cut too much, trim only the ends so they aren’t too sharp.
  • Dry bath shampoo:Its texture is foamy and you will only need a brush to remove the product. They are a very successful option.
  • Wet wipes:With neutral PH. Those used by babies are useful. Do it little by little and gently, as if you were licking your cat, in this way the process will become a social interaction that will make your cat appear confident and predisposed.
  • Ear Products:Look at their ears. They should be pale pink in color and should not have any residue, wax build-up, or bad odor. Apply it to a cotton ball with a cleanser, spray or hygienic wipe and bending your ear back, without reaching the ear canal.
  • Eye care:You should clean the fleas or scabs around your eyes with a cotton ball soaked in water or a soft cloth. This will keep your cat comfortable and prevent further irritation.
  • Toothbrush:To prevent tartar, you can also give snacks for dental cleaning. Your teeth must be controlled.


Keeping your cat clean is not very complicated. Remember that the hygiene of your pet depends on you, it is part of the responsibility that you accepted when adopting it.

If you can’t and prefer, take it to a professional groomer. Cat groomers often offer these services: brush their fur, shave tough tangles, trim their nails, clean their ears, and bathe them with or without water as appropriate.

Sometimes we do not have the time to clean our cat or we are little at home, so this is an excellent option to take responsibility for our pet.


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