How to choose the best cat food dispenser?

How To Choose The Best Cat Food Dispenser?

The kibble dispenser for cats has been around for several years now and, in the event of absence for one or a few days, ensures that your little feline will not run out of food, even in the event of an unforeseen event for the person to whom you have entrusted the keys to your home and the care to be taken to misty games. Simple or high tech, the dispenser adapts to your desires and especially to the needs of your little nibbler during your holidays.

The Principle Of The Cat Kibble Dispenser

Manual or electronic, the kibble dispenser offers many advantages to small cats and their owners, whether you are often absent, for a temporary absence and even when you are present. No risk for your cat to run out of food, possibility of giving the right ration each time the kitty passes in front of the bowl, croquettes that are always fresh. For humans too, what can be seen as a gadget turns out to be invaluable for feeding the cat during your working hours or during a 2 to 3 day vacation without canvassing the whole neighborhood. At night, your little feline won’t wake you up for its either  10e or 12e small ration.

The standard dispenser has a very simple operating principle: you pour the amount of kibble into the tray provided for this purpose and the kibble falls out as the cat eats. Some models can contain up to 7 days of meals, others less. It is therefore necessary to carefully analyze the quantities that the tank may contain before rushing to the first dispenser that comes along.

Electronic distributors offer many advantages for our felines: programmable, you decide the ration and the time of distribution. Some may be linked to the cat’s identification chip. This allows you to pay the exact ration for each of your four-legged friends when you have several tomcats, on the condition that they benefit from the same food.

Finally, if the cat is supposed to tolerate loneliness better than our canine companions, this is not the case for all tomcats. If you are away for more than 3 days, the distributor will not be enough to ensure that everything goes well for your tomcat. It is preferable, for a long absence, to call on a member of your family, a friend, a neighbor or a pet-sitter. Your cat will be less bored and his guardian angel will be able to alert you if your little companion encounters the slightest problem.

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The Benefits Of Programmable Dispensers

Although manual dispensers are very efficient, they often suffer from two problems: the food is always accessible and, if your cat is a little glutton, he could well swallow more than his ration each day. Very often, it is not entirely hermetic and a good part of the croquettes and their nutrients will deteriorate in the air and will no longer bring all the energy necessary for the activities of your tomcat.

The Benefits Of Programmable Dispensers

Programmable dispensers then have unsuspected advantages in addition to their many advantages:

  • Meal time programming;
  • Exact dosage of portions;
  • Number of daily servings;
  • Possibility for some models to offer mixed rations or a treat in addition to the meal;
  • Airtight seals to keep your cat’s food fresh.

The most developed products allow you to record your voice and leave a message for your cat to come and have a meal. Others connect to your phone via Wi-Fi and are equipped with a camera and a speaker to monitor kitty’s meal while talking to him.

Practical, easy to maintain, automatic cat food dispensers are perfect for providing meals at set times to your misty games. They respect the cat’s nature as a nibbler while preserving its digestive system.

The Disadvantages Of Automatic Kibble Dispensers

Despite their many advantages, programmable or connected dispensers have some drawbacks:

  • They are battery or mains operated;
  • They can be loud and scare the cat;
  • They often take up space;
  • They require regular cleaning.

The price can also go up very quickly depending on the features chosen. However, if your cat gets used to the noise, he will see, just like you, the advantages of his new high-tech bowl.

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Criteria For The Best Cat Food Dispenser

Choosing the best one to feed your feline depends on your feline’s eating habits and how you want to use it each day. However, different criteria can help you sort out these distributors. The price varies between 10 to 30 € for a manual dispenser of good capacity. For a programmable distributor, the first price starts at 100 € and can go up to 150 € for the most complete.

Among the criteria to take into account, the programmable wins hands down, because it allows, even in the event of a delay, to feed your little companion at a fixed time. A simple delay in the service of the meal can stress the animal just as much as its owner. Thus, the best cat food dispenser is programmable. It should allow you to:

  • Dose exactly the amount of daily portions. Some products are less reliable on this point. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, consulting the opinions of users will allow you to eliminate distributors whose scale does not show itself to be up to par.
  • Noise remains an important factor. Cats like their peace of mind and the sounds emitted by this new bowl could well scare your “velvet paws”. To make the transition go smoothly, stay by her side during her first meals to reassure her. If he is greedy, he will get used to it very quickly. Once again, the opinions of Internet users will allow you to determine whether the noise of the chosen device will suit your mistigri.
  • The capacity remains an important selection criterion depending on the duration of your absences. Make sure that the model that appeals to you will provide enough meals for your pet.
  • Size matters too. Most dispensers take up space. If your little kitty eats high up, it is best to put him down in place of his usual bowl so as not to disturb his habits too much. Rather bulky, large capacity dispensers take up space, so you will have to organize or reorganize the dining area accordingly.
  • The aesthetics of the dispenser is not to be set aside when you plan to use it all year round. Fortunately, they are offered in several colors that will blend with your interior.
  • An internal device that prevents croquettes from blocking in the distribution system.

Message and camera are not a criterion to make it the best distributor. However, seeing your cat feed properly during your absence remains reassuring and your little feline will greatly appreciate hearing your voice during your getaway of a few days, even if someone you know comes to see him regularly. The electronic chip is an additional asset if you have several felines or if yours must learn to channel its cravings. The distributor will give the right portion for each animal several times a day in the first case. In the second, your cat will have enough to eat and will no longer risk being overweight when the dispenser is equipped with a secure closure of the feed hatch. Finally, if your tomcat benefits from a mixed diet, some dispensers have 3 to 5 compartments. Thus, it is easy to offer croquettes, bites or treats to your four-legged friend.

Opt For A Kibble Dispenser And Water Fountain

Little nibblers, cats are also known to prefer playing with water rather than taking advantage of it to hydrate themselves. The water fountain is often the best way to invite your “velvet paws” to drink more regularly. However, if you have limited space, choosing a double water and kibble dispenser may be more suitable. Some models also offer a real fountain so that the cat does not sulk its hydration. Prices range from €20 for two separate dispensers to over €70. The first prices most often offer a food + water combination where you just need to add a bottle of water. This will flow by gravity depending on the consumption of food and water by the animal. Others offer a food storage system and a water fountain for around thirty euros and more.

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