How to choose a good feed for kittens

Before having our kitten at home it is very important that we buy everything he will need: bed, scratching post, toys, feeder and of course his food. But, although it may be fairly easy for us to buy, for example, a ball or a feather duster, with feed it is not so easy. And, there are so many different brands that choosing one can take us several minutes.

To try to reduce this time, we are going to explain how to choose a good feed for kittens . In this way, you will also get it to have excellent growth.

Read the label

We are very used to choosing the feed for our cat taking into account its age and, sometimes, also its breed, but it is very important that we read the label of the feed to know if it is of quality or not . In it, the ingredients ordered from largest to smallest quantity will be specified. If the feed is really good, the percentage must also be indicated and it will contain ingredients that we all know (X animal meat, salmon oil, etc.).

Discard those with cereals

Cats are carnivorous animals that do not need cereals . When we give him a feed that has rice, corn, wheat or the like, we can put his health at risk since his body cannot digest them well. Feed like those in the supermarket, carry a large amount of cereals, but are also made from animal by-products (beaks, wings, and other remains that no one would eat).

What you spend on feed, you save on veterinary expenses

This is something that you must take into account. Good quality feed , that is, those that have a minimum of 70% animal protein and no cereals, are those that will allow the kitten to have good growth and development . Their fur will be healthy and shiny, and their teeth will grow strong and white. And that is not to mention that your immune system will also be strong and will be able to fight better against diseases.



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