How to choose a bed for your cat

Your new friend is going to spend many hours sleeping, especially if he is still a puppy, so he needs a bed that is comfortable, but also easy to clean . But sometimes it can be very difficult to choose one, since there are many models and there are several that are really beautiful.

For this reason, I am going to tell you how to choose the bed for the cat , so that it will be much easier for you to take home what will undoubtedly be its favorite resting place.

Better two beds than one

The cat does not always sleep in the same place, so it is advisable to have two or more beds placed in different corners of the home. Also, if you live in a climate where it is very hot in summer and cold in winter, you will see how he himself sleeps in cooler or warmer places depending on the temperatures.

Thus, the »summer bed» must be a carpet-type, open, made with a material that does not absorb much body heat (as wool does, for example). Instead, the “winter bed” can be cave-like, made of soft materials, such as cotton or wool .

Is the bed big enough?


If you have brought a kitten home, now for the moment he can sleep peacefully in a small bed, but… when he grows up, will he still serve him? Although it may be difficult for you to separate yourself from your “crib”, as it seems to happen to the furry one in the image above, it is best to buy beds thinking about the adult size that will reach in a few months . This saves you a bit of money, which is always good, since you won’t have to buy as children.

Choosing a model or several of cat beds is something very personal. But with these tips, you and your cat will enjoy your rest 🙂.




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