How to care for a Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is one of the felines with which you can have a very fun and endearing life at the same time. It is an animal that loves to play and run, but also to rest with its human family.

It belongs to one of the oldest breeds, so taking one of these furry ones home is taking a legendary animal. Let’s know how to take care of a Siamese cat so that it is happy.


It is very important for him to eat quality food from the time he is a puppy. Your later health will largely depend on it. Being a carnivorous animal species, it must be fed with meat. For this reason, it is convenient to give them natural food or feed that does not contain cereals or by-products , since he does not need it and, in fact, it could cause health problems, such as cystitis .

In addition, a drinking fountain filled with fresh, clean water must be left freely available .

Affection and company

The Siamese is a cat that wants to be with its family. He can get used to being a few hours alone, but then we have to give him a lot of love and play with him so that he can feel good , that he can feel calm. In pet stores we will find many types of toys for cats with which he will have fun … but we will too 😉.


Although it is difficult to train a cat , it is not so difficult to teach it that it should not do depending on what things, such as biting or scratching . To teach him this, you have to start from day one to set limits for him, and not let him hurt us. You have to think that two months may not do us much, but after a year or so it can cause injuries; thus, we  always have to put a toy between our hand and him so that he learns that it is the toy that he can bite and ‘attack’ , and not us.

Hygiene and health

You have to leave him a litter box where he can go to relieve himself, and clean his eyes with a wet wipe for animals or with a gauze moistened in a chamomile infusion. In addition, we must brush it daily in order to remove dead hair.

On the other hand, every time we suspect that he is unwell, it will be convenient to take him to the vet for an examination.


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