How to care for a munchkin cat

There are many breeds of cats, but although they are all beautiful and charming, there are some that are now gaining popularity, such as the Munchkin . These short-legged, sympathetic-looking furry dogs are gaining their place in more and more homes.

But before acquiring one of these beauties, we have to know how to care for a munchkin cat so that, in this way, it does not lack anything.

Origin and characteristics of the munchkin cat

The origin of these cats is really interesting. Although it could well be thought that it is caused by a new mutation, in fact, over time, domestic cats with this characteristic have been detected. However, it was not until 1983 when a woman found a pregnant cat with shortened legs that the breed could indeed be ‘born’ .

Despite having short legs, it is an agile, fast and very energetic animal . Energy that you will enjoy expending while playing with your human family, as you are also very sociable.

Care you need


Like any cat, it needs to eat high quality food, without grains or by-products . Ideally, give him wet cat food, or combine it with dry food. Never give cow’s milk or derivatives, as it can cause gastrointestinal problems.


Every day you have to brush his hair , in addition to keeping the litter box clean. It is not necessary to bathe it, unless it is really dirty since cats spend a good part of the day grooming themselves.


Every day, from the first you get home, you have to dedicate time to it . As his caregiver, you will have to make sure that he runs, plays, explores … in short, that he has a good time with you. In pet stores you will find a wide variety of toys , but you should know that with a simple cardboard box, a rope or a ball made of aluminum foil (about the size of a golf ball, more or less) you can have a great time.

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