How to care for a cat that is not affectionate

Each cat, as with humans, has its own character: some are sociable and affectionate from the moment they are born, but nevertheless there are others who do not like caresses or pampering too much. These are often labeled as “antisocial” or “surly,” but the reality is that they are just that. It is not that they do not want your attention, but that they are animals that express the love they feel towards others in other ways .

While there are furry ones who immediately approach you asking for caresses and pampering, there are others who will win your affection in a different way. So, if you don’t know how to take care of a cat that is not affectionate , follow these tips.

A cat that is not affectionate needs the same care as one that is. But we will have to pay more attention to their behavior to identify their peculiar displays of affection. For example, one of my cats, named Susty, has never been particularly affectionate. However, she tells us that she appreciates us in several different ways:

  • When he walks in the door, the first thing he always does is say hello(meows). And if someone answers him, he answers him.
  • I often “talk” to her a lot, trying to imitate her meows, and the same, she answers memeow . They are short, almost guttural meows.
  • Encloses the eyesevery time we give her something she loves, an unmistakable sign that she is delighted with the attention we are giving her at that moment.
  • At night, no matter how much you say “come”, she will not go. But if you want something from you, he will rise up.


As you can see, a not affectionate cat can be a very special friend. You just have to find a way for you to understand each other (obviously, without yelling or anything like that). So, to take care of it and make the coexistence much better, my advice is that spend time with your cat . Get to know it. Find out what his character is like, and reward him for good behavior.

So both of you will build a pure and true friendship that will last many, many years 😉.



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