How to calm an angry cat

How to calm an angry cat

Have you just returned home and your cat is avoiding you? Have you taken in another pet and are you afraid that your kitten will attack him? There are many situations to which felines respond with a wide range of body and sound gestures. Knowing how to interpret them will allow you to effectively manage your anger so that the situation normalizes as soon as possible.

Cats are highly sentimental animals and sensitive to change. Therefore, they do not carry well being alone for several days or feeling relegated by the arrival of another being, animal or human, whom you shower with affection. Your cat will vindicate the portion of pampering to which you have become accustomed. But, do not despair, we reveal how to reverse their anger.

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Reasons for anger in a cat

Unlike dogs, felines display a behavior more linked to the wild environment. Therefore, they are more complex and challenging when facing their training. In turn, the fact of being weaned and separated from their mother and siblings before 3 months of age predisposes them to manifest separation anxiety and stress.

Therefore, as you will be intuiting, the main causes that explain the anger of a cat have to do with changes in its routine that make it feel threatened in its privileged position. He feels that he can stop being the protagonist of the home and mobilizes his resources to restore the status quo .

If the origin of the anger lies in the presence of another animal or person who takes your full attention, you should allow your cat to become familiar with him or her. Use pheromone diffusers or provide objects with their scent so that they get to know each other. Never force him to come closer if he doesn’t want to. The process must be approached gradually.

Angry symptoms in a pussycat

The signs that show the anger of a kitten go from the growl, which acts as a mere warning, to the hiss that constitutes the maximum link of anger, prelude to the scratch or the bite. We develop them below.

Fold the ears

It is the first bodily manifestation that you should pay attention to. It is a reflex action in the cat when he is afraid or angry . It will point its sensitive antennae backwards as a warning of its state of tension.

Remember that cats are capable of smelling our sensations, so do not try to calm them immediately if you detect that your pet is angry. I would interpret it as an intrusion into their territory and could attack you.

He ignores you

He does not answer your call, avoids looking at you or seems not to see you even when you are next to him. It is an unequivocal indication that he is giving you to understand that you have done something that he did not like and that he is angry with you. You should give him time before approaching him.

Hide your belongings

It is usual for cats to react by hiding their owners’ objects when they go on vacation. It is but a sign of your desire to attract their attention so that they dedicate caresses.

He relieves himself out of the sandbox

Far from being a distraction, if your cat urinates off the litter tray, it is trying to get your attention . He is in default for your absence, but don’t scold him because his anger is low-key. He simply wants you to love him and indulge him with your pampering.


It may happen that he does not ignore you but growls when you are close or even when you touch him. This sound bears little resemblance to purring, as it will be unpleasant for you. Do not overwhelm him, probably, in a couple of days it will pass.

Shows you his teeth

We move one more step up the scale of your pet’s anger. If he opens his mouth and shows you his teeth, there is no doubt that he is very angry with you . It is not recommended that before this reaction you approach him to calm him down. It will be counterproductive.

Likewise, it’s not a good idea to leave babies or young children alone with an angry cat. They will hardly know how to interpret their respective body languages ​​correctly and the situation could be dangerous for the integrity of the little ones.

Arch your back

Arching the back and bristling the fur to appear larger is a natural defense strategy against a threat. Your kitten cannot hide his feelings and if he has reason to be angry he will not hesitate to express it with such aggressive behavior as this.

As this is a high intensity evidence of his anger, do not approach him now. Leave it for another time, if you know how to respect his times he will approach you.

How do I make your anger go away?

Once you have assessed what could have caused your pet’s anger, the most appropriate thing is that you behave in an affectionate way, since that is precisely what he misses. Without forcing or overwhelming him, you should be receptive and patient.

There are certain guidelines that always work to dissipate the anger of any pussy. Take note:

  • If you are going to be absent for a few days, prepare your suitcase the same day of your departure and without fanfare. Don’t allow your cat to hear noises or anything that tells him to leave. If you catch him snorting, he is definitely stressed.
  • Provide him with interactive toys that he can entertain himself with during your absence. If you prefer homemade toys, a bucket with 2 fingers of water will serve to drink, cool off and also to play.
  • Ask a family member or friend who already knows your kitten to visit him daily to check that everything is fine, and incidentally, to play with him and keep him company.
  • Buy him new toys at your vacation destination. Your anger will go away in seconds.
  • Treat him with those cans or treats that he likes so much and that he reserves for special occasions.
  • Pour a few drops of Bach flowers into their water. They will feel calmer and can better cope with your absence.

As you can see, cats, far from being surly and independent, show a lack of affection from their loved ones. Therefore, never skimp on pampering and playing with him, especially if he is angry. It is proven that there is no anger that resists the love that only you know how to procure.


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