How to calm a cat in heat Tips and remedies

If you have a cat, it is important that you can recognize when her heat begins. After all, it is important to be able to handle the situation.

When a cat is in heat, it is quite normal for her to become much more vocal. She will also be nervous and will seek more affection than usual from her human family.

Many cats roll on the floor to rub their guts. Others will “mark” their tails, holding them to the side to indicate that they are ready to mate.

Is it difficult to cut the zeal of a cat? You know, the  symptoms of a cat in heat  are difficult to bear, so I will show you how to calm your cat, and make her feel more comfortable and relaxed during the cycle of her heat.

If my cat is in heat, what do I do?

Here are a series of guidelines that you can follow to make your cat’s zeal more bearable , some I consider mandatory, others are optional:

1. Isolation in a safe room

It is convenient to isolate your pet from other cats . When female cats are in heat, male cats notice it right away. Your cat will notice any strange kittens roaming your yard and is most likely trying to attract the other animal.

Cut off all contact with the outside world. If you are one of those who walk with their cats, skip this possibility while the heat lasts. Put curtains on the windows so that your cat does not see potential companions waiting for her outside.

Provide your cat with a safe place in the house, which has its litter box and food. It would be important to have a raised sleeping area, a cat tree can do .

Make sure to keep it at home. Neighborhood cats may try to woo your cat during heat, if more than one appear to woo her it can cause fights.

2. Provide your cat with a warm bed

Like a woman experiencing her menstrual cycle, your cat can get cramps. You can ease it if you can sit on a warm surface.

Some people choose to heat a “bag of water” in the microwave. You can also use an orthopedic pet bed or even an electric blanket that gives off non-burning heat and calms it down.

3. Distract your cat with games

Playing with your cat has many benefits. It is best to use an interactive toy, that is, one that can be used by you. However, if your pet doesn’t seem to want to play, don’t force it.

The  interactive cat toys , like a feather hanging a twig can keep your cat active . A scratching post can also calm your cat, who will be more anxious than usual during her heat cycle.

4. Veterinary assistance in the form of ovulation induction

In cats, ovulation is induced by mechanical stimulation of the vagina during mating. A similar result can be achieved through a veterinary procedure. This won’t stop your cat’s current heat cycle, but it will delay the next one.

5. Herbal remedies

There are many herbal remedies intended to calm cats. There is no single remedy that works for all cats. Also, your cat may not respond to any of these products.

Get small samples and try. Once you’ve found a product that works for your cat, buy it in larger quantities.

  • Follow the directions on the labels. You may be asked to add the remedy to the cat’s water, rub a few drops into the cat’s fur, or use it as an air freshener.
  • Don’t use products intended for humans, which probably require higher doses.

However, keep in mind that the remedies are intended for short-term stress management, this method is not the best to calm a cat in heat in the long term.

6. Clean the house

Urinating, spraying, and smelling the house are common in male and female cats. Thoroughly clean your home to remove any scent. Clean the litter box too.

If you leave scent marks in your home, the cat will not calm down. Also, keep in mind that the smells that remain will motivate her to continue marking “her territory”.

7. Use a pheromone diffuser at home

Pheromone diffusers are often used by veterinarians in their clinics to induce a calm state in their patients. Research shows that it takes about two weeks to become effective with a cat. If you try to use a pheromone diffuser, you may not see an immediate result, but you can use it in another future heat for your cat

8. Sterilize your cat

With this, you will prevent your cat from having heat again. Spaying a cat removes the ovaries and prevents her from having the heat cycle. It prevents you from getting pregnant and reduces the risk of certain cancers and other diseases. Also, it is a good decision for cat owners who do not plan to breed kittens.


Do not forget that the best  method to calm a cat in heat is patience . It is a natural process, and  your cat is pain free . As a responsible owner, it is advisable that you choose to sterilize your cat. Even if you are a cat breeder, letting her have kittens every time she goes into heat is not the wisest option.

If you choose not to  sterilize your cat, because it seems to you that it is the natural way to proceed with your cat, remember that you will be responsible for finding who adopts the kittens that are born.

To counteract the effects of heat without the need for pregnancy, there are hormonal therapies that the vet will administer, but this should be the last option available.



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