How to calculate the human age of a cat

How to calculate the human age of a cat

Have you ever wondered what equivalence exists between your cat’s age and yours? Although it is a complex calculation, experts have established a rule that allows us to calculate the human age of a cat. In fact, it is a more accurate approach than stating that each human year is equivalent to 7 cats, as is the case with dogs.

Felines mature at a different rate than humans. In their first 2 years of life they experience the highest growth rate at all levels. Therefore, it is difficult to establish an equivalence especially at this stage. However, in the next few lines we will try to find out.

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Know the life stage of your kitten

Determining how many human years your pet is will help you to know in what life stage it is in order to provide it with the care that this stage demands . The first 24 months of a feline’s life are frantic in terms of physical, cognitive and emotional development. This makes the calculation of their human age not linear, but dynamic.

After this period of time, the maturation of the cat relaxes and, consequently, the comparison with human age becomes closer to the human passage of time. Thus, we can affirm that after those first 2 years of the cat’s life, each human year is equivalent to 4 or 5 cat years .

His human age in childhood

The first 6 months of the cat’s life correspond to its childhood. As you can see, much less time than what humans are used to living. In this sense, the first cat month could be equated to the first year of the baby . The second and third month, at 4 years of the child. The fourth month, at 6-8 years and 6 months, at 10 years of the child.

Pussycats grow fast and must display all their abilities and skills to pay for their adaptation. In this stage they will learn to coordinate, to orient themselves, to measure how far their forces go and to become familiar with the territory in which they live.

His human age in adolescence

This is the period of sexual emergence and self-awareness regarding behavior. From 7 to 12 months of age there is an equivalence with 12-15 years of puberty. From 12 to 18 months with what would be an adolescent of 17-21 years, while 24 months of age correspond to the 24 years of a young human.

Your human age as an adult

This stage includes 3 to 6 years of life of the kitten and translates into the period of physical and mental maturity. It will be necessary that you provide your adult pet with stimuli to exercise physically and so that it does not decline into boredom and eventual depression. Agility for cats is an excellent resource to prevent it.

Regarding the equivalence with human years, we can affirm that 3 cat years approximate 28 human years , 4-5 years with 30-36 humans and 6 cat years with 40 humans.

Your human age in old age

From the age of 8 the feline enters a new vital stage, that of old age. It is estimated that on average cats live from 14 to 16 years, which would be equivalent to our 80 years . However, do you know that the oldest cat, named Scooter, is 30 years old? His human analog would be no more and no less than 144 years old.

At this stage you should take extra care of your best friend, since he will begin to be lazier and it will be difficult for him to chew. In turn, it will require a lower caloric intake and visits to the veterinarian should intensify its frequency to subject it to general examinations and blood tests.

Only then can gastric, kidney, heart or liver conditions be detected in time. For this reason, veterinarians recommend consulting at least every 6 months when it comes to senior cats. The 9 cat years are equivalent to 52 humans , 10 to 56 humans, 15 to 75, 19 to 92 and 22 cat to 104 humans.

An orientation table

As we have been developing, the specialists coincide in establishing the equivalence in human years shown in this table, although you must bear in mind that each cat is a unique being that evolves at its own pace.

2-3 months 2-4 years
6 months 10 years
2 years 24 years
6 years 40 years
10 years 56 years
14 years 72 years
16 years 80 years
18 years 88 years
20 years 96 years


In short, far from being an exact science, there is an answer to satisfy the curiosity of all those who want to know how many human years their cat could be. Did you find it interesting?


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