How to avoid worms in cats?

Kittens and cats that live on the streets are at high risk for intestinal parasites . Forced to eat what they find, they are often inadvertently exposed to them. Sometimes they are lucky and someone who cares about them picks them up, as perhaps has happened to your furry.

If this is the case, first of all I would like to congratulate you on that new member of the family. But do you know how to avoid worms in cats? And how do you know if they already have? If you have answered no to both questions, don’t worry. After reading this article, you no longer have to worry about these undesirable tenants.

How to prevent my cat from having worms

Intestinal parasites, despite everything, can be prevented in a very easy way: giving your cat pills or antiparasitic syrup . You will find these medications for sale in veterinary clinics, and also sometimes in pharmacies. Especially if he goes outside, it is highly recommended that he be given a pill or syrup every month. In this way, we will ensure that our friend’s body is free of worms. But there is still something else we can do.

Raw meat and, above all, raw fish are a route of entry for parasites, so it is recommended to boil them before giving it to them.

How do you know if you have worms?


There are four parasites that affect cats, which are the Giardias, which can live in the intestines of people and animals; Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati, which are large and white in color; and Toxoplasma gondii, which is what causes toxoplasmosis. If the furry has any of them, he may have any of these symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, loss of shine in the coat, pale gums and / or listlessness.

In the event that you have a cat with worms, you should wash your hands before and after touching it, and remove the feces from its litter box as soon as possible.


Intestinal parasites in cats can be quite harmful to them. If you see that your friend is not feeling well, or if you just picked one up from the street, do not hesitate to take him to the vet.



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