How to avoid urinary infections in cats

Urinary tract infections are one of the most common health problems in cats, and they are also the ones that most often concern their human families. One of the main symptoms is to relieve themselves off the tray, which can not only be annoying but is also reason enough to take them to the vet.

Giving them poor quality food or even subjecting them or exposing them to situations of stress and / or anxiety are things that we sometimes unintentionally do and that are very harmful to them. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to avoid urinary infections in cats .

Give him adequate nutrition

Cats are carnivorous animals , which means that they eat only meat. Taking this into account, the ideal thing is that they eat rodents, which are their natural prey, but … no one wants to have dead mice in their fridge (just thinking about it makes us sick to more than one). So the closest thing is to give them meat bought from a butcher shop .

This food is best given raw, boneless and well chopped, but it can be boiled if we are concerned about the risk of infection (which would not happen, since it has passed a series of very strict controls until it reaches the supermarket). Although an alternative is to give Yum Diet for cats, or else Summum . As a last option, we could give them feed , either wet (highly recommended) or dry, but it does not have to have cereals, flour or by-products.

Make sure he has a good quality of life

The felines that we have adopted (or that have adopted us 🙂) are animals that will spend their lives with us. This life can last 20 years on average if it is good. But for this to be the case, it is important that they feel cared for ; that is, that they be taken into account, that they spend time with the family, that their people play with them daily and, above all, that there is no type of tension in the home.

It is normal for people to go through seasons of anxiety and / or stress from time to time, but it is very important to try to be calm with cats. In this way, I assure you that it will be difficult for them to have urine infections.

Take him to the vet whenever he needs it

For them to have good health, not only do they have to be fed and cared for well, but it is also necessary to take them to the vet whenever they need it. You have to think that they are living beings, and that as such they can fall ill at any time . One way to avoid this, or at least to reduce the risk, is to take them to the professional first to get the mandatory vaccinations, and then whenever we suspect that there is something wrong (for example, if they vomit, loss of appetite, apathy, etc.).



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