How to avoid the bad smell of cat litter

A cat’s urine and feces give off an unpleasant odor, especially if they accumulate more than they should. Therefore, the ideal is to clean the dirtiest parts of the sand that you use to relieve yourself daily.

If you still notice a certain stench, there are other simple tricks that can help you avoid the bad smell of kitty litter.  we tell what they are.

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Clumping sands for easier cleaning

This type of sand forms balls when in contact with urine, which facilitates its cleaning. Each time you rake to remove the feces, you can also remove these masses of sand and urine . It is true that it is a somewhat more expensive product, but it compensates by not having to change it so often. Is your budget limited? There are also more affordable solutions.


Baking soda to eliminate bad odors

This product is very effective in eliminating bad odors. But yes: you must be very careful, since in excess it can be toxic to the feline . If you use it in the right dose there will be no problems.

To do this you must distribute a very thin layer of sodium bicarbonate on the bottom of the tray that you use as a toilet for the kitten – cat litter box . Only after you’ve applied the product, will you fill the tray with about three inches of cat litter or sepiolite.

This will ensure that it does not come into direct contact with the product. But if you have any concerns about it, you have other options.


Activated charcoal, preferred by cats

It is as effective as bicarbonate in absorbing urine and eliminating bad odors. It also seems to be to the liking of their feline majesties , since they usually use the sand in their boxes more times when they contain this product.

By using activated charcoal you will help the kitty not be tempted to relieve itself elsewhere. But each cat is different and we never know what type of litter they will prefer. To check it, you can always put two boxes, one with baking soda and the other with charcoal, and see which one you choose.

Sandboxes that clean themselves automatically, technology at the service of the feline

It is a very comfortable solution. This electrical appliance takes care of everything for you. You do not need to change the sand, since the system washes it and dries it after use. The feces and water liquefy and are eliminated through a connection to the toilet pipes.

Just keep in mind that you will have to replace the sand periodically, since there is always a part that is lost with use. If you can afford it, it is an ideal solution to forget about bad smells once and for all . Now, if you want a modern sandbox but without having to pay so much, there are other cheaper alternatives.


Self-cleaning sandboxes, more affordable comfort

This system is also very efficient and allows you to get rid of waste with minimal effort. The device uses clumping sand to solidify urine and isolate stool . Cleaning is carried out using a knob that precipitates the solid waste into a biodegradable plastic bag located at the bottom of the appliance.

It is a less expensive option than an automatic self-cleaning litter box. It is good to know that you have these products at your fingertips, but there is no doubt that the best option will always be to perform good daily hygiene.


Do you have a common sandbox?

If your sandbox is one of the traditional ones, you don’t have to worry either. Actually cleaning it well will take you less than ten minutes. It is advisable to do it thoroughly at least once a week.

It is best to use an enzymatic detergent, but one that does not contain bleach or ammonia . Don’t use scented detergents either, as many cats don’t like it and it could cause them to start urinating outside of their litter box.


Can you use the dishwasher for monthly cleaning? Normally there is no problem, if you do it just before the monthly cleaning of the appliance itself. The high water temperatures and the powerful detergent used will completely sterilize the tray .

The health of the feline is closely linked to proper hygiene. By having your box always in condition, you will stay healthy and happy. So now you know, don’t neglect this very important part of living with your cat friend. Do you use any of these methods when cleaning your litter box? How often do you change the sand in your little fur ball?



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