How to adopt cats online

One way to get the furry you are looking for is to use a tool as great and useful as the Internet. Nowadays, the majority of animal protectors have their own web page or their own profile in a social network (or in several) in which they upload the images of the dogs and / or cats that they currently have. But they are not the only ones: individuals also upload advertisements in which they show the furry ones who give away.

However, adopting cats online is not an easy task . There are many people who will try to deceive you, so in Noti Gatos we are going to tell you how to avoid having these problems so that you can have the cat you are looking for.

Adopt your cat in a Shelter

The best way to avoid being fooled is by adopting cats directly from a Protector , but not just anyone. It is not advisable to adopt the first cat you see that you like without seeing more, as it may happen that you like another cat more. And even so, you will not know for sure if that is really the animal you want until you go to see it in person, so it is convenient that you first see the photos of the animals they have for adoption through their website or profile and then when there is one or more that you like, go see them.

How to avoid being deceived by individuals

It often happens that a person has a litter of kittens for which he is looking for a home. But you have to be careful. There are several things that we have to look at before contacting her, and they are:

  • Language: It is easy to find an ad written, apparently, in a specific language. But only apparently. There are many people who write the text in their language and then use an online translator. You should know that these translators are not exact, so if when reading the text of the ad you notice something strange, you better be suspicious.
  • Contact information: every ad must include at least one phone number in order to contact the advertiser.
  • Photos: the advertiser must have included photos of the kittens.
  • Do not take kittens under two months of age: from the time they are born until they are 2 months old, they must be with the mother and their siblings so that they can learn to be and behave as what they are: cats.

If you see one that you like, don’t hesitate to contact the advertiser. He has to be friendly, and has to answer all the questions you have.




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