How to adopt cats in Spain

The arrival of a new furry member to the home should be a very beautiful experience for everyone, including that animal. And, when you decide to spend several years in the company of a cat, you are not only saving his life, but also the one who will take his place in the protector.

But how do you choose your new best friend? Today, you can find so much information that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the fakes from the rest. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to adopt cats in Spain .

Where to find the ideal cat?

In order to choose your new furry friend, it is best to always go see him since during that first visit you will know perfectly which cat is the one you really want. But where to go?


It is the first place we recommend you go. In these animal shelters the keepers take care of any cat and / or dog that comes to them, or that they come across: they feed and drink them, make sure their cages are always clean, and above all, they look for them. good homes where they can lead happy lives.

These people know each animal in their care well, so it will be very easy to choose your new cat. A cat who, by the way, will give you an adoption contract in which it is said, in short 🙂, that you promise to take care of it as it deserves throughout its life, and that you will have it sterilized in case it does not it is. In addition, they will follow up with him , that is, they will go to see him at your house once or several times a year, or they will call you on the phone to find out how the little furry is doing.

Does it cost something to adopt in a shelter?

Yes of course. The cat is free, but not their veterinary expenses. The feline is delivered with the microchip, with the vaccines and deworming, and they may make you pay 80 euros , but it is an amount that is worth it since that way you can be completely sure that you take home a healthy cat. Think that only the microchip can be worth about 35 euros, the vaccines 20 euros each (and usually it is delivered with two spawns), and the deworming another 10 euros.

If you want to adopt a cat from a shelter but don’t know which one is closest to you, go to the Bambú Difunde website . There you will find all the ones in Spain.


In the kennels there are not only dogs, but also cats, many cats. We also recommend you go here since, although it is a totally different place from the shelters, they are usually the first places where people who abandon cats take them. These cats, having lived with people, have a very difficult time in the kennels , since they are cold places, where nobody pays attention to them (except for the volunteers who from time to time go to see them to be with them for a while. take pictures of them to find a home for them).

Furthermore, in Spain they only have 15 days to be adopted . After that time, they are sacrificed.

Does it cost anything to adopt in a kennel?

Yes, it also costs money. They give you the cat microchipped and vaccinated, and for this they can make you pay about 50 euros .


On social networks, protectors and volunteers upload images of cats daily, especially on Facebook. Take some time to look at the profiles of the associations and contact them in case of doubt or if you like a furry . These are the most recommended pages:

  • Cats for adoption : it is a public group where protectors and individuals upload photos and videos of cats that are up for adoption or in need of foster care.
  • Jungle Animal : it is a closed group where photos and videos of dogs and cats that need a good home are uploaded.
  • Animal Brigade : it is a page where the owner uploads photos of dogs and cats for adoption.

Help a street cat

Although the protectors are full, kittens born in the street can also live with a family . But I insist, kittens less than 6 months old, not adult cats since they most likely distrust people except the one who takes care of them if they have a caregiver. Kittens, on the other hand, can be very suspicious at first, but in a few days they will trust you. You just have to give them lots of love and trust; well, and delicious cans of wet food so he knows how much he cares about you.

So I can assure you that in less than what you think he will have become a member of the family 😉.

So, regardless of which site you choose to find your new cat, I offer you my sincere congratulations. Once you have it at home, your life is going to change a lot. And for good.



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