How should the diet be for a cat with diabetes?

Diabetes is a very common disease in cats that are overweight. When they are given more food than they really need, the chances that they will ever have it only increase. Although those precious looks are sometimes tremendously difficult to ignore, it is not good to give them a lot of goodies.

If your furry has been diagnosed with it, we will help you regain its health. Next you will know how the diet should be for a cat with diabetes .

High fiber foods

Fiber is very important for the cat to lose weight; In addition, you can control blood sugar levels after meals. Thus, we must give him a meal that is high in fiber.

To do this, we can resort to high-end food for diabetic cats, or we can let ourselves be helped by a feline nutritionist if we want to give our friend a diet that is as natural as possible.

Low carb diet

If we give him a low-carbohydrate diet, we can make his disease improve considerably. Of course, this is not always the case, so it is best to go testing, always with veterinary control, to see how the furry evolves.

Wet food

A cat gets practically all the water it needs from the prey it hunts. When he happens to live with humans, he has to get used to getting it from a waterer, which is often not easy for him. Therefore, to keep it hydrated it is highly recommended to offer it wet food (cans), since they contain 70% moisture .

If you have diabetes, but, we must read the label carefully and do not give those that contain potatoes, peas or tapioca, as they are rich in carbohydrates.


Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled. With a few small changes, the cat can continue to lead a completely normal life 🙂.


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