How much water do cats have to drink?

Exactly how much water should a cat drink every day? Is your cat well hydrated? Or on the contrary, does your cat drink little water? How can I get my cat to drink more water? We will give you some tips to keep your kitten well hydrated . We will also detail 10 ways to get your cat to drink more water . Keep reading!

Some vets point out that “cats are savvy about comfort.” When we think about the comfort of our cats, we come to mind objects such as cat beds and cat food . But we should also think of a clean container filled with water. Hydration is an extremely important part of your cat’s overall health.

How much water should a cat drink?

The amount of water consumption depends on a variety of factors, including your cat’s size, the time of year, and whether your cat’s diet includes wet cat food or just dry cat food .

If cats are given only dry food, they will require significantly more supplemental water to stay acceptably hydrated.

Cat food contains only 10% water, while canned ones contain approximately 80% water. So obviously your cat is going to need to drink a lot more water if you only feed him dry food.

How can I tell if my cat is drinking enough water?

There are several ways with which we can check if our cat drinks enough water, or if your cat is dehydrating:

  • Skin elasticity: Gently pull your cat’s fur at the base of the neck (neck). The skin should pull back when you release it. If it doesn’t, your cat may not drink enough water.
  • Shiny coat without dry layers: it is a sign of hydration.
  • Physical activity: if your cat is well hydrated, it should exhibit normal physical activity and not be too lethargic.
  • Does your cat urinate 2-3 times a day? You can check this by checking the sandbox.


How can I get my cat to drink more water?

You can take a cat to the water, but can you make it drink? Water is essential for your cat’s health and can even be helpful in helping prevent some serious health problems , such as feline urinary syndrome.

There are a few steps you can take to encourage your kitty to stay hydrated:

– Add a little more water on top of your pet’s canned food . This is not recommended for dry food, as it can cause it to spoil more quickly.

– Try using glass or stainless steel water bowls. Sometimes plastic leaves a taste that cats don’t like.

– Make sure the water is fresh and clean . Change your cat’s water every day.

– Use filtered water instead of tap water . The latter can contain high levels of lime.



When asking, “How much water should a cat drink,” it is very important to pay attention to your cat’s “normal” water intake and note if that amount changes.

Any significant increase or decrease in your cat’s daily water intake could be a sign of illness. A cat drinking too much or too little water could be indicative of urinary cystitis, diabetes, or hyperthyroidism. You should take your cat to the vet if you notice excessive changes in your cat’s daily water intake.

Brief information about drinking water for cats

Many cats, although they do not want to be completely submerged in water, are fascinated by running water. Buying an automatic water fountain can be one way for your cat to consume more water.

Some cats do not like the taste of “hard” water that is rich in mineral salt concentrates. Try offering distilled or filtered water.

It may be necessary to rinse your cat’s bowl of water a few times a day during the warmer months of the year , when bacteria can form quickly.


Ways to get your cat to drink more water

Most cats don’t drink enough water. Because cats are so self-sufficient, we assume that they know what is best for their health, and many times they don’t.

Is your cat not drinking water or not drinking enough? Here are 10 ways to get your cat to drink more water:

1. Switch to a mostly wet food diet.

Canned food simply has more water. According to my vet, this is the easiest way to get a cat to drink more water and not become dehydrated .

If your cat does not normally eat wet food, put a small ration of feed adding a little water or broth, you should watch if it eats it. If it doesn’t, you should throw away that portion after a few hours because it could make the dry food go bad.

If your cat eats canned food, add more water or broth to make it even more moist . Some cats love the thick consistency this creates.



2. Try putting cubes in your cat’s food

Ice cubes add moisture to food and are like a small treat for your cat. The ice cube takes on the taste of food and while your cat is licking it it also gets water.

Ice in your cat’s water bowl can also help her drink more water. Some cats prefer very cold water, especially in summer.

3. Give him small food servings more often

Eating stimulates thirst , so smaller food rations more often can tempt a cat that doesn’t drink much water to drink more.


4. Place several bowls of water

Make it very easy for your cat to drink water by offering multiple water stations throughout the house . A cat that does not drink water could have trouble accessing the water in question.

Leaving some bowls of water strategically placed can tempt your cat to drink more water.

5. Make sure you fill and clean the bowl regularly

Cats like fresh water. So make sure to change the water at least once a day. It is also important that you wash your water container regularly with soap and water, to prevent it from becoming slimy and dense. Cats don’t like anything that happens!


6. Consider the location of the water container

A cat not drinking enough water could be because he doesn’t like the location of his water bowl. You should always keep your cat’s water container as far away from his litter box as possible . Cats do not like to have their food and drink near their litter box.

7. Use the tap

If your cat is attracted to plain water, use this as a great opportunity for him to drink more water. A cat that doesn’t drink water may need you to turn drinking water into a fun game.

Try to use the tap a few minutes several times a day. Implement it in your morning and evening routine, for example. You will like it!


8. Flavor the water

You can try to get your cat to drink more water by flavoring it with a little tuna juice or chicken broth. It is a good way to get their attention.

9. Use cat fountains

Many cats like to drink from fountains. It may take a while for them to get the hang of it, but once they do, they will love it!

Fountains are attractive because moving water is interesting for cats and also stays cool . This definitely helps a lot if you can’t or forget to change the water several times a day.


10. Experiment with different types of containers

Cats are fussy about almost everything (surprise!), And on this list are drinkers. You can do the test with different materials (glass, stainless steel, ceramic or plastic) and perhaps with this you discover that your cat has an already defined preference.

Helping your cat drink more water has many benefits and will help her avoid the health problems of being dehydrated.




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