How much should my cat eat

Those of us who live with kittens usually leave the feeder freely available, since for work reasons or simply for convenience, we cannot ration their food as much as some furry animals would need.

But this is not a major problem when we know how much my cat should eat .

The recommended daily amount will vary according to the type of food (dry or wet feed, or raw food) and according to the age of the animal itself. If we talk about feed, the container itself will indicate the amount in grams that we should give to our furry dog, but this is a figure that can change – by veterinary recommendation – if it is overweight. We should never lower the amount without first consulting a professional, otherwise we could put our friend’s health at risk.

In the case of the raw diet (BARF or ACBA) you will be given an average of 4% of your weight divided into three or more intakes . As a guideline, an adult cat that weighs between 3 and 4kg should eat about 100 grams a day, but if it is a kitten we will give it between 150 and 200 grams.

Sometimes it is necessary to change his diet, either because he feels bad or because our economy does not allow us to continue giving him the same type of food that we have been giving him until now. To avoid having stomach problems, you have to make the change gradually over a week or two , mixing little by little the new food with the one you have been eating. This will greatly avoid the problems associated with sudden changes in eating, such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

The change from BARF to feed tends to cost a little more, that is why it is recommended that we gradually switch from the raw diet to the wet feed, and from there we will gradually go to the dry feed, being able to mix both to make it more palatable your cat.



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