How many years do cats live?

Having a feline pet could get you in trouble from time to time. But it’s all worth it after hearing your kitty’s soft purr as she snuggles with you after a long day at the office.

How many years on average do cats live?

All pet parents dread the day they will have to say goodbye to their stuffed companion. Unfortunately, even the healthiest kittens don’t live forever. They go through various stages of growth just like people, but their overall life expectancy is significantly shorter than ours.

You may have heard of record-breaking kittens that have lived up to 30+ years. The average cat, however, dies at a much younger age.

Breed plays a key role in feline longevity . The fluffy Ragdoll can live up to 25 years.


How long do cats live?

The life expectancy of cats depends on several factors . For starters, there is a big difference between the life expectancy of indoor cats and stray cats.

A typical house cat that resides safely indoors can live between 12 and 15 years. On the other hand, a stray or feral cat is likely to live 4-6 years in the wild.

What factors affect the longevity of cats?

As we mentioned earlier, there are several factors that influence the life of every cat. We will review the crucial ones below.


Breed plays an intrinsic role in a cat’s longevity . Designer and exotic breeds typically have a shorter life expectancy than their more common counterparts. The Sokoke, for example, is one of the felines with the lowest life expectancy.

Large domestic breeds, such as the American Shorthair, Russian Blue, and Siamese, tend to live for 15-20 years. The life span of the popular Abyssinians , a notoriously active and playful breed, is 10 to 15 years.

Genetic heritage

Even if your fluffy friend is the heir to pedigree parents of a famous and healthy lineage, inheriting DNA from his distant ancestors could make him prone to various diseases.

As they say “genetics is a lottery”



It is crucial to remember that nutrition is vital for any feline breed. High-quality cat food is intrinsically important to the longevity of your pet .

Specialized cat food meets the specific dietary requirements of felines, improves overall cat health, and helps your pet grow into a happy, prosperous, and satisfied furball.

General care

Cat food is not enough to guarantee that your precious pet will live longer. Its general maintenance should never be neglected.

This means that you shouldn’t neglect your daily grooming sessions.

Brushing is very important especially for breeds with more hair loss.

The cats are cleaned, but it is not enough .

You have to keep your home clean, well ventilated, and germ-free because even indoor kittens can get allergies. And these allergies can severely shorten the life of your furry friend. Lastly, baths and nail trimming are essential when it comes to feline maintenance.


Countless reports show that spayed female and neutered house cats tend to live longer . Why?

Spayed cats do not go into heat, therefore they are less likely to roam relentlessly, suffer from frustration-induced anxiety or depression, fight with other cats, contract pollen, and face other problems (such as dog attacks) while trying to find a partner.

On top of all that, the procedure reduces the risks of ovarian and testicular cancer.

How to tell the age of a cat

If you don’t know the exact age of your cat, there are a few things that can help you guess it. Veterinarians often check the following telltale things when determining a feline’s age: teeth, eyes, hair, skin, and muscles.



A cat’s teeth are very different from human teeth. Felines are carnivorous creatures. As such, its teeth are sharp and designed to cut meat rather than grind food.

Kittens also use their teeth to groom themselves, so their pearly whites can easily wear off.

Older and elderly cats not only have stained incisors and molars, they also have tartar buildup. Missing teeth, cavities, dark spots, and gum disease are indicators of advanced age.

Apparently healthy teeth with little to no staining mean the cat is around 1-2 years old.

Of course, if a pet sitter maintains the cat’s dental hygiene, his teeth can mislead him into thinking that the cat is much younger.


A cat’s excellent eyesight is what makes these creatures such remarkable hunters. As with humans, feline vision worsens over time. Soft irises, bright, clear eyes, and little or no tear / discharge are indicators of youth.

On the other hand, poor eye care can result in problem eyes at a younger age. However, cloudiness, irregular irises, and impaired vision are always a tell-tale sign of the passage of time.


We all want our kittens to have a healthy, shiny and soft coat, but despite the care we lavish on our cats, their fur and fur suffer as they age.

Dry, scaly, and thick coat is a common sign of old age. Visible patches, thin hair, and gray strands indicate that the cat is well advanced in years.

Some breeds like the Sphynx have more sensitive skin. As such, adverse weather conditions affect them more easily than other breeds and can fool you into thinking that the cat is older.


Some breeds are more muscular by default. However, as felines age, they begin to lose their well-defined muscle tone. Older cats are kinder and often show signs of hanging fur.

Kittens and young cats are better built and more muscular due to being more active than their adult counterparts.

Of course, various diseases, boredom or eating can affect the muscle tone of cats of any age.



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