How many times should my cat eat?

Cats are animals of habit . For them it is very important to have a routine, and that it is changed as little as possible and, in the event that it has to be done, either because the family is moving or because a new member is going to join the household, it should be done gradually so you have time to get used to it.

With the eating schedule you also have to be cautious: you must set a schedule and follow it. But of course, when it comes to doing this, one of the questions we ask ourselves the most, especially if it is the first time that we live with a feline is: how many times does it have to eat?

The answer is not always easy. There are cats that eat twice a day, others eat the feed throughout the day , and there are others that eat at specific times of the day. My advice is that, at least for a day (or as many as you need) leave the feeder with his food at his free disposal , so that you can point out what hours he is hungry.

If you work all day, it is best if you let him eat when he wants. Cats generally know how much to eat. And they do it so well that they stay within a suitable weight . Look on the bag of feed for the recommended amount for your weight and age to know the grams you should eat per day, and so you will not have to worry about getting overweight.

In the event that he is neutered / spayed, if your vet says he is an ideal weight, don’t worry about the amount . If he stays active and healthy, you don’t need to lower his grams or buy him a special feed.

Continue giving him the same amount that you gave him until now, and you will see how he remains in an enviable state of health .


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