How many times a day do I feed my cat

Just as important as giving our dear friend water is to make sure he eats daily, but if this is the first time we are living with one, we will probably wonder how many times a day I feed my cat , right?

For it to have a good development and better growth, we must give it a high quality food, several times throughout the day . But how many exactly?

Until about ten thousand years ago, when cats had not yet had contact with humans, they behaved as what they are: nocturnal predatory animals. This means that they were active at night, which was when their prey were most unprotected. However, being small, they also had many enemies, so they ate a little whenever they could . This behavior persists today.

Of course, by living indoors they don’t have to worry about anything, but their eating habits haven’t changed much. They continue to eat small amounts each time. That is why it is highly advisable to leave them a full feeder , as they usually know (the exceptions would be those cats that love to eat, like one of mine 😉) how much they should put in their mouths.


Now, for those who want to better control their friend’s weight and who also have a lot of time to dedicate to him, they can feed him about 5 times a day . How much quantity? To find out exactly, you have to divide the daily amount by 5. For example, if the total amount is 200 grams, divide 200 by 5, which gives us 40. Well, if so, we would have to give five servings of 40 grams to throughout the day.

Another separate issue would be the case of feeding a baby kitten that has been orphaned. During the first month of life it should be given a bottle every 2-3 hours , and from the fifth week it should start giving wet food for kittens. You have more information here  and in this other link we explain what a one-month-old cat eats .


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