How many kittens do cats have per litter?

Kittens are so adorable, playful, and scratchable that even non-feline fans have wished they had a kitten at least once in their lives.

For many cat owners, it is natural to want to raise their female cat and experience the pleasure of having a full litter of kittens . And cats can make that dream come true.

They go into 3 and can breed up to 3 times a year! Also, a female cat’s pregnancy lasts for only about 2 months before she gives birth to an adorable litter of baby kittens. And it’s only a matter of a few months before these kittens reach reproductive maturity and can have kittens of their own.


How many kittens can a cat have per litter?

Depending on breed, health, environment, and many other external factors, a female cat can have a different number of kittens each time she becomes pregnant. But just because some breeds are significantly larger than others, don’t expect the Munchkin to give birth to one kitten, while the Maine Coon has ten.

On an average scale, females give birth to 4 kittens per litter .

However, this is an average statistic and cannot be applied to all situations. It is completely normal for your cat to have 5 kittens per litter and then in another she only has 3.

Of course, similar to humans, feline reproductive capacity declines with age. This means that the bigger your fluffy friend is, the fewer kittens she will carry per litter.

During the later stages of a cat’s pregnancy, you can easily tell how many kittens she will have. As they begin to kick and move inside their belly, you will be able to see and feel them. Ultimately at an earlier stage you can take the cat to the vet. The doctor can tell how many kittens are coming from ultrasounds.

How many kittens can a cat have in a lifetime?

Unlike women, cats don’t exactly go through menopause. What does this mean? It means that if you want to (and can afford it), your cat will give you a lifetime of babies, literally! Older female cats also get pregnant, so basically cats can give birth to new kittens throughout their lives.

But how many kittens will your cat have during her life ?

Most house cats tend to live between 12 and 15 years ( this also depends on the breed ). If you do simple calculations with the average statistics of kittens per litter, you will get the following result; 4 kittens per litter, 3 times a year for 15 years, gives a total of 180 kittens for a lifetime. It’s crazy! This is why it is so important to sterilize your kittens .


How do you deal with so many adorable kittens?

Unless you want your own litter on purpose, you probably won’t be able to have as many kittens. Medical care can be extremely expensive, not to mention other annual non-health related feline expenses.

In addition, caring for a pregnant kitten and later her kittens is a challenge in many other ways.

What you can do is make sure your precious furball doesn’t turn into a kitty machine. The best option is sterilization, since you cannot be watching your cat 24 hours a day.

Feline overpopulation is a very serious problem , and contributing to it is a bad idea.

Sterilization is actually a good decision. Not only does it prevent the mood swings, anxiety, and stress that accompany each heat cycle, it also reduces the chances of your pet running away from your home.

Also in this way you will not have to worry about finding suitable homes for each kitten that she has. After all, every kitten on the planet deserves to have a good life with responsible parents who surround it with care, love and devotion.




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