How many cats can you have at home

You start by bringing a cat, then another … and another … And time passes, and you have ten. But is that the ideal number? The reality is that it depends. Yes, it depends on the character of each of them, the money you can and want to allocate to cover veterinary expenses, and also the place you have.

So, let’s see how many cats you can have at home .

It is not always easy to know how many you can have, but it is important that we be realistic and do not get too carried away by what we want at that moment. A cat is a social living being, which needs certain care to be physically and psychologically healthy. Bearing this in mind, we cannot forget that it is very territorial, and that it can feel really bad if we bring in a new furry and join them on the first day.

To avoid problems, we must respect each animal, both the newcomer and the one who has been with us for a long time, and try to socialize them little by little . And only if it went well, in the future we could consider bringing in a third party, but … would that be a good idea?

As we said, it depends. The truth is that there are felines who like to live alone, that is, without companions of their kind, and there are others who enjoy playing with other cats . To avoid problems, it is advisable that if you have friends who live with a furry lover, you invite them to your house to see how they react.

It is preferable to have one happy cat, than two (or more) unhappy ones. Thus, I recommend that you take home only those who really feel that they should be living with you . Only then can you have wonderful moments.

Because each cat is unique and unrepeatable, and you have to take care of it so that it has a full life .



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