How many cats can I have in my home?

If you already enjoy the company of a pussycat at home, the idea of ​​taking in a companion for him is probably running through your head. However, you have to take into account what their temperament is and if you have space, time and financial resources to provide them with the care they demand.

If you ask yourself how many cats can I have at home? You are in the right place. In the next few lines we are going to show you what the legislation says in this regard and in what aspects you should look at before making a firm decision. Can you come with us?

Legislation and possession of domestic animals in Spain

To rigorously answer the question of how many animals can I have at home, it is convenient to know what the state regulations say in this regard. You should know that there is no law at the national level that regulates this type of issue . The autonomous communities and town councils are responsible for regulating it through their ordinances and regulations.

Thus, the differences are notable depending on where you reside. In Madrid, for example, it is allowed to have up to 5 cats or dogs in the same address while in Salamanca the limit is set at 3 dogs or cats or 10 domestic birds. In Murcia there is a difference between urban homes (up to 3 dogs or cats) and rural (up to 5 pets).

The possession of domestic animals must never impair public health and safety or cause annoyances (noise, bad smells, etc.) to neighbors. In certain situations, it is possible to obtain a special authorization from the competent authorities to accommodate more pets than those contemplated in the standard.


Is there an equivalence?

Outside of the law, there is no written rule about how many cats it is acceptable for a person to house in their home. However, and although it is not an exact science, specialists in the field point out that as many animals as hands have a person should be welcomed . That is, a private 2 and a married couple 4.

The reason for this approach is that each feline needs to receive a daily hygiene, play and companionship time with his human family and these requirements will hardly be able to be met if you have more cats than you can attend to due to time. and will. This does not mean that there are people who do.

How many cats can I adopt in my house?

In line with what we have just explained to you, in order to make the right decision to welcome more cats at home or, on the contrary, understand that it is not the time to do so, you should reflect on the aspects that we develop below.


Although it seems like a somewhat obvious question, you should make sure that you have enough space so that the new or new members of the family can get around freely to explore, run, play and rest. Will you be able to enjoy an exclusive space for him? Will he be able to behave like a cat without disturbing you or his peers?


Are your schedules compatible with the care required to have one more cat? Felines appreciate having time to be alone and unleash their adventurous spirit, but it is no less true that if you spend a good part of the day away from home, when you return, each of your pets will want to be with you . Are you willing or ready for it?

In addition, interacting and practicing shared game is essential to live with a healthy, happy and balanced kitten. The absence of cognitive stimulation directly affects your mental balance. Therefore, in order to prevent destructive behaviors resulting from boredom, depression or stereotypes, you should dedicate time to them every day.

Economic resources

Increasing the number of pets inevitably means seeing your expenses increase. Not only will you have to make sure that you can pay for the food, litter , bed, scratching post and toys for each of them, but also the veterinary expenses associated with their possession.

When we exceed the threshold of 4 cats per family, it is feasible that if there is a virus it will spread easily in the group. In turn, the fact that it is a large group makes it possible for you to ignore the particular requirements of attention or stimulation of some of them, as well as the presence of a physical ailment.

Personality and / or age of your cat

If your kitten is shy and / or of advanced age, a priori , you should not provide him with a companion, since being territorial animals with these qualities he would have a hard time. Although it can offer you company to cope with the periods of the day in which you are absent, in general, the damages outweigh the benefits, advising against this action.

If, on the other hand, your pet is very young (from 2 months to 3 years) and / or has a sociable and outgoing temperament, living with another or other peers will be very healthy and entertaining. Therefore, as you can see, knowing your cat is another premise to take into consideration before venturing to welcome more cats at home.

Tips for a harmonious cat coexistence


We don’t want to say goodbye without giving you 3 recommendations that will help you make your decision to bring home more cats result in happiness for all of them:

  • Treat all animals equally, giving them the same care with the same care and affection. Make sure everyone is taken care of and the 5 freedoms of animal welfare are covered.
  • Make an adequate and progressive socialization. That is, make sure that each of them starts from the same conditions of mutual knowledge and exploration of their home.
  • If you have doubts about how your feline might react in the company of another, invite friends who have a cat at home and see what happens. It will provide you with interesting clues about whether or not to take in more cats.

As you can see, the question of how many cats can you have at home? It does not have a single answer, but it does involve several factors to be clear. If you found this entry helpful or liked, feel free to leave us a comment or share it on your social networks.

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