How is the Persian cat

The Persian cat is an animal considered to be an aristocratic cat, and since its origin it has always been living with kings, princesses and other characters of the nobility. He has never lacked for anything, and that is something that has ended up influencing his character. Indeed, it is one of the few breeds whose behavior is so special that we could easily distinguish them from any other domestic feline.

If you are thinking of starting to live with one of these wonderful animals, let’s know what the Persian cat is like.

Physical characteristics of the Persian cat

The Persian cat is a medium to large sized cat . It has a round head, a broad skull and a rounded forehead. His cheekbones are strong and prominent. The muzzle is short, and the chin is strong and full. The eyes are large, round and wide open, they are widely separated. The nose is flat, and it is located just at the level of the eyes. The ears are small and rounded. The body is muscular, rounded, and robust. The legs are small and thick. The tail is in proportion to the body.

This is a cat that you will love to pet, as it has abundant, long, and silky hair . The tail is also hairy. They can be of a single color (black, white, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream), or of different colors.

Behavior of the Persian cat

Our protagonist is a very homey and very sedentary furry man who enjoys spending his time resting on the sofa with his family. It is, therefore, an ideal companion for the elderly or those who live alone; also for people of calm character who enjoy giving affection to animals. The Persian cat melts in your hands when you pet it.


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