How is the growth of a cat

How is the growth of a cat?

Once they come into your life, time flies. In a few weeks a cat goes from being a ball of fur, to walking proudly on the back of the sofa.

Felines develop very quickly and, with only six months, they already reach adulthood. Save yourself the surprises and know what to expect in each of the stages of a cat’s growth.

Important: In addition to knowing how they act during their growth, it is essential to feed our cat correctly according to its age .

First month of the pussycat: Small and fragile

During the first two weeks, kittens are completely dependent on their mother , as they are born blind and deaf. Being around her helps them to maintain their body temperature and to eat enough to continue to develop.

After fifteen days they open their eyes and begin to explore their surroundings. Of course, without straying too far. Weaning can be done from the third week, so it is now possible to give canned food (better natural).

At this stage you should begin to instruct them to relieve themselves in a suitable place. It is not complicated at all. It is enough to leave them on their litter box after each meal. They will soon learn the habit and go there on their own.

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Second month: Begin to feel independent

From the second month the kitten achieves great progress in its socialization. His senses are fully operational and his curiosity increases exponentially . It will become detached from its mother and will begin to develop one of the most marked characteristics of the cat personality: independence.

He is sure to start doing his own thing, so a scratcher at his fingertips will be a good solution so that he does not experience the power of his nails against your sofa. Contact with humans is highly recommended in this period.

  • Tip: Learn how to trim your cat’s nails.

You must treat it gently and with great affection . His first feelings will define his future relationships and, if we establish a pleasant environment, he will learn to trust us. After eight weeks is when it is recommended to adopt.

From the third to the sixth month: Your feline instinct asks you to explore

In this phase it becomes even more independent. He no longer needs his mother, as he can now manage on his own. Your curiosity will also be greater and you will be tempted to go outside . The decision to let them out or not will depend on your perception of whether you are ready, as well as an assessment of the risks you face.

Cats go into heat after six months. Therefore, if you do not want surprises, it is important to sterilize it . In the case of males, you can opt for castration, this way you will avoid them fighting during the mating season.

It is advisable to wait up to six months to carry out these procedures and always follow the recommendations of your veterinarian. He will also inform you of the vaccination schedule to follow .

From six months to the year: Discover the nightlife

Your pussy is already an adult. Don’t worry if he sleeps too much during the day – cats are nocturnal animals. Do you want to spend more time with him?

Try to get him tired during the times of the day when he is awake and that way he will fit into a slightly more “human” schedule. To do this, he tries to get toys that will entertain him, such as laser pointers or stuffed animals.

Between one and three years: I am a cat and I do what I want

It is the most capricious age. Why? Well, because after the year it has finished developing, but its character still shows traces of the baby kitten that it was.

His behavior will be like that of a teenager: an adult for some things and a puppy for others .

It will also see how far your patience goes. He will be more independent and even disobedient. Don’t neglect her upbringing, as her temperament is still finishing shaping.

From three to six years old: The defense of their territory

They are a little more serene and not as eager to have fun as before. Gambling gives way to long sleep sessions. At this stage they begin to sleep more , about 14 hours a day!

Although cats are territorial by nature, after three years this tendency is accentuated. If you are thinking of adopting a new kitten, this is a difficult age, as it will be more difficult for the “homeowner” to accept it.

From seven to twelve: A quieter life

As is normal, from this age they begin to show signs of aging. At six years old the kittens become much calmer. Their behavior becomes more sedentary and they spend even more time resting.

Cats love games and even at that age they will still respond if you intend to have fun, but they will no longer have the energy and desire to play from years ago . Their corner will be sacred, so you must make sure that they do not lack anything.

From twelve years on: Take care, we are not so young anymore!

The ailments of age will be more evident. You will eat less and your senses will not respond as well as they used to. They will also stop grooming as often, making their fur look less glossy. An older cat can suffer from conditions such as hyperthyroidism or skin problems . You may notice that their claws grow too large, since they hardly use them anymore.

This rapid development may make us think that at only twelve years of age they are already very old, but the life expectancy of a domestic kitten can exceed 20 years.

Healthy habits will help your cat lead a full life to the end. Well, what do you think: do you think that now you will understand your feline better? What stage are you in right now?


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