How is the Chartreux cat

The Chartreux or Carthusian cat is a very elegant breed of felines. It has long fur, of a characteristic blue color, very soft. Also, every time he looks at you with those beautiful yellow-green eyes, he seems to try to tell you something.

Let’s get to know more about this beautiful breed. Find out what the Chartreux cat is like .

Chartreux cat body

The body of this animal is robust , of medium length. He has a broad back, and a strong skeleton and muscles. The tail is long, thick and ends in a point. The head is shaped like an inverted trapezium, with well developed cheeks, a flat forehead and a concave profile. The nose is wide, straight and long. His neck is strong, short, and with a lot of hair.

Chartreux cat character

This is a cat that looks like a stuffed animal, due to its anatomy and, above all, its soft fur. However, it must be said that he loves to explore everything. Thus, we can say that it is a curious animal by nature, which likes to be active. Now, if you are a rather calm person and you want to live with one of them, don’t worry: he is very calm and very affectionate , to the point that he will never stray more than the account of his loved ones.

In addition, he accepts children very well , which he will protect at all times from any danger.

Chartreux cat health

It is one of the breeds with the least health problems that exist today. So much so that the only thing that could affect you are the common diseases of domestic cats : colds, flu, and those kinds of problems that can be easily prevented with proper nutrition, veterinary care, and a calm family environment.

Thus, it is a very resistant cat that must be well cared for and brushed daily to make its hair look beautiful.

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