How is heat in cats

When we have a cat that we have decided not to neuter, during one or even two times a year we will see how its behavior changes . Females will generally become much more affectionate, and males will tend to mark more and be a bit antisocial.

It is important to know these behaviors to understand what heat is like in cats , which is what I am going to tell you so that it will be much easier for you to know when your friend is in “those days” 🙂.

When do they reach sexual maturity?

Heat in cats can appear very early: in cats it will be from 6 months (in some, like one of my cats for example, it can even appear earlier: at 5 months), and in cats it will be from 7 months , maybe a little earlier but it is not usual. We will notice that their behavior changes during the spring, but if you live in a warm climate it is likely that your furry will go into heat in any season.

By the way, you should know that, in general, they have two periods of heat a year, but for example the Siamese can have up to 4. In any case, if you want your friend to have offspring, it is highly recommended to wait for the year to turn. old, since although at 6-7 months his sexual organs have developed, his physical development has not yet finished .

Phases of the rutting period

In the period three distinct phases are distinguished:

  • Precelo: when the cat’s sexual organs prepare for a possible pregnancy. It will be then when she is restless and very affectionate.
  • Zeal: approximately 5 days later, the female will be very receptive. If mating did not occur, we would see him rub against the ground, cry, and do his best to leave the house to look for a male cat.
  • Rest: which is when mating has not occurred. The cat relaxes and her reproductive system is at rest.

And what happens to the cat?

Males in the wild that are not castrated will look for a cat in heat, guided by their sense of smell, and also by their hearing, since the cats will “call” them. Once found, the females will adopt a characteristic posture: they will bend their front legs and turn their tail to the side.


In just two months, between 1 and 10 kittens will be born and they will have to find a good home 🙂.



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