How do you know if the cat is pregnant?

When you have a cat as a pet, it is sometimes difficult to know if she is pregnant. Since your cat cannot express himself, it is difficult to detect all of his conditions. But by paying more attention to your cat, you can easily guess her condition. The beginnings of gestation are often marked by changes in behavior. Here are the signs that can tell you that your cat is pregnant.

How do you know if your cat is pregnant?

There are several signs that can put you on the alert that your cat is expecting kittens. After the cat’s heat has ended, the first sign that is quickly noticed at the very beginning is the hug. If the pregnant cat was previously distant from her master or showed aggression, she will change her behavior. She becomes less aggressive and very endearing. She will seek more attention and tenderness from the latter. Such behavior, however, may go unnoticed if the cat was more emotional before the gestation period.

Another sign to quickly know if a cat is pregnant is isolation. Depending on the evolution of gestation, the cat will begin to isolate itself from the usual places that it frequented. From now on, she will seek a hiding place. She will be less active than usual and will seek tranquility. This hiding place will later become a nest to accommodate her kittens.

Also, as in the case of pregnant women, the cat will feel nauseous over a period of time. Added to this will be a lack of appetite for foods. She may also refuse to eat anything served as a meal. Apart from the changes that can be noticed in her behavior, the cat will also experience changes in her body.

By observing carefully, you will notice that her breasts will increase in size as well as her stomach. The bodily changes are visible from the fourth week after mating. Note that gestation takes a total of 69 days on average or 9 weeks.

Feeding a pregnant cat

When it is found that the cat is pregnant, it is necessary to make changes in her diet as soon as possible. Her diet must take into account the nutritional needs of a pregnant cat in order to facilitate lactation. To ensure better nutrition, it is essential to seek advice from a veterinarian. The vet will be able to indicate which foods contain the necessary nutrients for the pregnant cat. Generally, these are foods that have a high energy intake. The cat’s diet is a topic not to be taken lightly.

The new foods should be served in a small amount gradually to ensure a smooth transition. A sudden change can cause digestive problems. Over time, you can increase your food intake and frequency. It is advisable to make kibble available to the cat at all times. The kibbles participate in the growth of kittens during gestation.

A visit to the vet

Once you have realized the condition of your cat, it is important after a few weeks to pay a visit to the vet. The veterinary consultation should normally be done from the fifth week of gestation. The role of the veterinarian is first to check if the cat is indeed pregnant and then the number of babies in her belly.

To do this, he will perform an ultrasound. The vet may also perform palpation of the cat’s abdomen to check if she is really pregnant. A few days later (which should not exceed the sixth week), an X-ray will be carried out by the veterinarian as part of the follow-up of the gestation. The x-ray gives a clear idea of ​​the number of fetuses the cat is carrying. It is necessarily done in the sixth to avoid the effect of the rays used on the development of the fetuses.

What if my cat is pregnant for her well-being?

During gestation, the cat especially needs rest and peace. A peaceful environment allows her to better prepare for calving. The more the gestation progresses towards its term, the more the cat will seek an isolated place not only to avoid being disturbed but also to welcome her kittens. This is when you need to help him get a safe place. You can install a cardboard box open on one side to act as a nest or an old crate open on one side. To show your attachment to your cat, you can buy a litter box that will act as a nest.

In addition, you must ensure a minimum of comfort for the cat by putting a soft cloth in its refuge. Make sure to place the cat’s nest in a location that is not exposed to the passage of the inhabitants of the house, the wind, or any other disturbing element. However, your cat may be less interested in the shelter than you have prepared for her. If so, do not force it. Let her make her nest wherever she wishes. Remember that it is important not to disturb his peace.



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