How cats sweat, everything you need to know

How cats sweat? It is not a trivial question, if we think of the fact that we have never seen them dripping as we usually do in the height of summer, perhaps at the bus stop at rush hour.

Elegant, impassive and beautiful: our four-legged friends rarely lose control of themselves and are always a sight to behold in admiration.

Lots of shades, long and shorter furs, magnetic eyes; but how do they not sweat when temperatures rise significantly? Or, rather, do they really not do it or is it just our impression?

How Cats Sweat And Why

Since our four-legged friends have them, how do cats sweat? Surely they do it differently than us bipeds. Consequently we should not be surprised if it is not evident in them as in humans, also considering the layer of hair that completely covers them.

All this is due to the fact that sweat glands are not present all over the body and there are not even many, to be precise. However, producing sweat is important and has a specific function. In fact, it is a process that is implemented to eliminate the heat accumulated by the body and, at the same time, to refresh the skin.

This principle applies to both us humans and our hairballs. The difference lies in the fact that cats sweat from specific and atypical areas for us. The mouth, the chin, the backside and even the paw pads allow him to free himself, if you want to put it that way.

Cats Suffer From Heat Or Cold

yawning cat

But there is an important clarification to make: the temperature of the adult cat does not follow our rules. What for us is a very high fever, for him is normality and this has a significant impact on the issue under analysis. In fact, felines are capable of withstanding up to 50 degrees Celsius without suffering, a condition that would be truly devastating for us. To help him are certain processes that help him to keep himself ‘isolated’.

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Furthermore, it should be specified that a cat does not only sweat when it feels hot, actually we do too. Nervousness, fear and stress can play a decisive role. In this regard, it can be useful to know how to cure cat anxiety and, perhaps, even how to prevent it.

Now that we know, let’s pay attention to the fact that in these cases our beloved Miao could release some footprints with paws. A bit as if he had just been playing in a puddle, a condition that does not occur frequently if we consider that cats hate water more often than not. Furthermore, the odor emanating is imperceptible, as opposed to what happens when we humans sweat.

Cats And Summer Heat, Other Techniques To Counter It

cat goes to drink

How do cats sweat? The sweat glands they are not able to do all the work when it comes to the summer season. Considering, moreover, that the cloak does not help as a ‘preserver freshness’.

That’s why our four-legged friends have implemented other ways to overcome the problem of high temperatures and to keep its stable during the summer. In fact, it is sufficient to note the frequency with which they lick each other: it increases significantly from June to September.

This is because in this way the saliva remains on the fur and, in the evaporation phase, helps to refresh our beloved Kitty. Moreover, on the hottest days, it will be preserved by avoiding physical exercise and excessive effort. We are not surprised that much, but we hear from the trusted veterinarian if he goes too far, if we see him a little less snappy and slightly apathetic. It’s kind of like he’s chosen the mode “energy saving“. It will also prefer cooler, shady areas. Even more it will look for the water that has just come out of the source. In this regard, it can be useful to know which water to give the cat, natural or tap.

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Although the cat loves being in the sun, after a while his instinct tells him to protect himself and go into the shade. Also the amount of fluids consumed will increase, be careful never to leave the bowl without or dirty. We are still faced with one of the cleanest animals ever and which particularly cares about its own hygiene. A trick is to add some ice cubes, a bit like we do with the aperitif drink.

Our four-legged friend it also refreshes itself by breathing. Although it is a prerogative that mainly belongs to dogs, it is not impossible for the more sedentary Miao to do it.

Many Have Also Asked Us

cat licks itself

Since finding out how cats sweat It’s not that easy, attentive and conscientious owners ask themselves questions. And some are particularly frequent. Answering them can then be useful to ensure that Miao is always well (or at least as much as possible).

When Does The Heat Become Dangerous?

As independent as our four-legged friends are and full of surprises, there are some borderline situations which they also don’t have how to handle. In these cases they suffer and their health is at risk. This is where we come into play: those who, by adopting them, have made a precise commitment, that of taking care of them in the best way (without making them want for anything).

If we notice our little ball of fur in trouble, it means that something is wrong. Either he is too hot or something is worrying him excessively. In both cases, the risk is that the heart or lungs go under strain.

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If we notice such a symptom, we take Miao to a cool place away from exposure to sunlight. Also, let’s never forget the importance of a bowl of always fresh and clean water. A dehydrated cat, in fact, risks death. If the problem doesn’t go away quickly, it’s important to call your trusted veterinarian and ask for his intervention: timeliness is a component that can make the difference.

Do Cats Only Sweat In The Heat?

The short answer is no. We and felines have several things in common, among them sweating due to fear or a conditions of particular stress. Here then is that a careful reading of the cat’s language becomes essential to intervene and put an end to its malaise. If we notice wet footprints on the surfaces of the house, and there isn’t excessive heat, it is highly probable that Micio is afraid.

How Can I Help The Cat?

We know how cats sweat by now. But, if their resources are not enough, how can we help them fight the effects of high temperatures? The bathroom, unlike the dog, is often not an option (since cats are often afraid of water), but we can solve it in another way:

  • Using metal bowls they keep the freshest water;
  • Making sure Miao has gods places to shelter;
  • Shopping a cooling pad;
  • Moisten the cat’s coat with ad hoc wipes.

In short, they are enough a little attention and the right knowledge to ensure that our four-legged friend is not sick during the summer season or due to some concern.

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