Homemade scratching post for cats - Step by step

Homemade scratching post for cats – Step by step

We all know the need that cats have to use their nails, they love to climb and get hooked on the most delicate fabrics such as the lining of the sofa or the curtains at home. With the problem, that they usually end up breaking them due to their sharp nails.

That is why from SoyUnGato we are going to explain how we can make a homemade scratching post for cats, using basic materials and without having to make a large outlay. We will also explain through a video how to make a more complex tree-type scratcher, in a homemade way .

The only thing you will need is a little time to do it yourself, you will see that it is much easier than you thought and what is more important, you will see how your cat enjoys playing it daily, thus leaving your furniture and curtains.

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How to make a homemade cardboard cat scratcher

Cardboard scrapers are not the most durable, however they are very simple to build and very inexpensive, since cardboard boxes and a little glue will suffice to do so .

Our cat will enjoy very much scratching its nails between the natural gaps in the cardboard, and since it is so simple to manufacture, we can make as many as we need.

Step 1: make a base

We must make a kind of base or small box where we will introduce the sheets that we cut to size from cardboard. Obviously, the base can be made of cardboard, with a simple shoe box it is enough for us, we simply have to cut the sides a little so that it is not so high.

Step 2: Cut cardboard strips to size

Now comes the most entertaining part, we must cut many cardboard strips of the same size, which must fit inside the base box that we have already created previously. We will cut as many cardboard strips as necessary to completely fill the box.

Step 3: glue the strips and the base

Once we have all the strips, we simply have to glue them together with a little glue or white glue. When they are well glued, we will apply a little glue / glue on the base and place the strips on top, so that everything is well united, like a block.

We’ll wait for the glue to dry and meow! We already have a totally homemade cardboard scratch for cats . Now we just have to show it to our cat and let him enjoy it.

Remember that this design is very basic and consists simply of filling a box with cardboard strips, but if you let your imagination fly, you can even make scale buildings out of cardboard strips, where your cat will enjoy climbing non-stop.

Make your own homemade rope cat scratcher

Rope rippers are characterized by being much more resistant than cardboard ones, much more durable. However, its cost is somewhat higher since we must acquire certain materials for its manufacture.

In this case, they can be manufactured from simple vertical scrapers to complex climbing parks. Next we will see how to make one of the first type; If you want to give one of the second type to your kitten, and you don’t feel particularly handy for such a complex scratcher, you can always buy one already prefabricated, like the ones on this list of the best trees for cats .

Let’s see step by step how to make a rope cat scratcher from home. Necessary materials:

  • A wooden base board, 60 x 60 centimeters
  • A wooden tube 10 or 15 centimeters in diameter and one meter high
  • Esparto or hemp rope
  • A piece of cloth or carpet
  • Glue

Step 1: Screw the base to the wooden tube

The first thing to do is screw the base to the wooden tube. We will search with the help of a meter for the exact center of the wooden square and we will make a small hole in it with the help of a drill.

We will place the tube above the hole and at the bottom of the base (wooden square) we will introduce a screw that firmly grips the tube. Remember that it must be a resistant screw, since our cat will climb up the tube and must support its weight.

Step 2: Line the base of the scraper with fabric

Cut a piece of cloth or carpet to the same measurement as the wooden square and make a hole in its center of the diameter of the tube. The aim is to cover the upper part of the base with this fabric or carpet, to make it more attractive and comfortable for our cat.

Step 3: line the tube with the rope

Although it may seem complex, this is actually the simplest part when it comes to making a homemade scratching post for our cat. We simply have to glue the end of the rope at the base of the wooden tube.

We will put glue or white glue in the tube and we will go twisting the rope little by little, so that each turn is glued to the previous one, without leaving spaces between the turns.



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