Home remedies to remove tartar

The presence of tartar in the mouth of cats shares its causes and consequences with what happens to humans. Bad breath is the first indication that your mouth is not clean enough. However, oral hygiene should not become tedious for your pet.

On this occasion we want to show you why it is necessary to prevent, or failing that, act diligently when the accumulation of waste in your cat’s mouth appears, as well as what home remedies you have at your fingertips to keep plaque at bay. bacterial.

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Tartar, a risk factor

Tartar is the accumulation of decomposing food remains due to the action of mineral salts. In an incipient phase, bacterial plaque forms, especially in the interdental spaces and on the gums. If it is not removed, passing a moistened gauze or brushing the teeth, it becomes tartar, being its most severe consequences.

Cats over 3 years old and those that do not genetically have good quality enamel are more likely to develop tartar from an early age . Therefore, if you notice that your cat is not yet 3 years old but has bad breath, saliva abundantly, scratches its mouth with its paws or eats less, it could be tartar.

When periodontal disease is more advanced, you will see that your pet is more listless, that his teeth are discolored, cracked and even that a tooth is missing. In the more advanced stages, secondary infections will spread to the nose or eyes in the form of lumps or abscesses that require veterinary intervention.

Consequences of having tartar

Far from being secondary, you should strive to keep tartar out of your best friend’s mouth. Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums is your first disorder after halitosis . Veterinary visits every 6 months will help you certify that everything is under control in your cat’s mouth.

If swollen, red and bleeding gums are not treated, the junction between the tooth and the maxillary or mandibular bone will be weakened and the tooth could detach, leaving the bone open to infection. In some cases, the tooth does not fall out because it is attached to the plate, but it has not been functional for a long time.

Lack of appetite, apathy and polyps are evidence of a possible secondary infection , caused by the accumulation of tartar not removed in time. Heart, kidney, liver, gastrointestinal conditions or worsening of diabetes can be derived from them.

Veterinary treatment

You should not allow gingivitis to run its natural course. A professional deep cleaning, under general anesthesia, using ultrasound to fractionate the plate will be enough to reverse the situation. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, along with the proper monitoring of the specialist, will do the rest towards the full recovery of your pet.


How to prevent tartar with home remedies

You have many ways to help your best friend enjoy a healthy mouth. Let’s see in detail what are the most common ways to keep your teeth clean and healthy, without much effort.

Tooth brushing

You should get him used to brushing his teeth since he was little. This way, you will be more responsive each time you have to. The veterinary recommendation is to clean the cat’s mouth 2 or 3 times a week.

When it is a puppy you can use a sterile gauze soaked in water and pass it over the teeth to remove the residue . In adulthood, you can brush your teeth with a short, soft bristle brush and fluoride-free toothpaste. Keep in mind that they will swallow it and fluoride is toxic to cats.

Similarly, you can opt for a tissue moistened in cleanser-antiseptic for cats or chlorhexidine. They are sold in spray, so they are very practical and easy to use.

Homemade toys oral care

You can use homemade toys to emulate the action of flossing on your kitty’s teeth. A ball or bone made of fabrics of different colors and textures or with strings are very effective for this purpose. While having fun biting, you will be fighting plaque.

Prioritize the feed

From the diet that you procure daily, you can also contribute to the hygiene of his mouth. Wet food tends to be very popular with most felines for its unctuousness. However, precisely that texture is perfect to sneak between the animal’s teeth, being more expensive to get rid of its remains.


The dry feed, for its part, scratches the dentin and favors the cleaning of the teeth. That is why veterinarians recommend its use on patés . The latter should be reserved for special occasions. The snacks oral care are specifically designed to be used between hours to protect the teeth.

Do not hesitate to resort to them if you want to reward your pet and consolidate the lessons learned. You will associate what you have learned in a delicious and healthy way for your mouth. In short, we encourage you to follow these good practices and visit your veterinarian regularly in order to preserve your best friend’s mouth in optimal condition.



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