Home remedies to deworm cats

As temperatures rise, the annoying parasites that we like so little begin to appear . Fleas, ticks and other unwanted insects that can cause allergies, for example. To avoid these pests, both internal and external, it is important to treat our friend as soon as possible. Although in the market you will find insecticide tablets, pipettes and sprays for use in felines, you can also choose to make your own insecticide at home.

Today we are going to discover what are the home remedies to deworm cats , without putting the animal’s health at risk .

To consider

Before getting into the matter, it is important that you know that natural remedies are effective, but you have to apply it more often than an antiparasitic that you can buy in pet stores or veterinary clinics . In addition, normally home remedies are used more to prevent than to combat, since they are late in efficacy . For this reason, if your friend has a serious problem with parasites, both intestinal and external, it is preferable to take him to a professional to tell us which insecticide we should use.

Of course, unlike chemicals, with homeowners the risk of poisoning is practically nil , so they are highly recommended when we believe or know that the furry has an allergy to any component of chemical antiparasitics.

That said, let’s move on, now, to knowing what home remedies we can give our cats to keep them away from annoying parasites.

External parasites

Let’s start with the bugs you see first: fleas, ticks, and lice. Homemade insecticides that are very effective in repelling them are the following:

Flea remedies

  • Bathe your cat in lavender or citronella oil(or you can make a mixture of both). If you are afraid of water, apply the diluted oil directly to a cloth and wipe it all over your body.
  • Add a tablespoon of brewer’s yeastto your meals. It is very rich in vitamin B1, which repels all parasites.
  • Spray or massage your cat with tea treeoil . Dilute it in water before using, as large quantities can be toxic. Repeat the treatment once a month.
  • Prepare an infusion of chamomile, let the water warm and apply it gently all over the body.

Remedies against ticks


  • Cut a lemon into slicesand bring it to a boil in a pot of water. Let it sit overnight and, the next day, spray your cat or give him a “bath” (actually, the ideal is to take a washcloth, moisten it, and rub it all over his body).
  • Mix ten drops of thyme, lavender and citronella oil in 150 ml of water, and apply it by massaging it all over the body.
  • Add two small tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 250 ml of water, and spray your cat. If you are scared of the sound of the spray, you can choose, as in the previous case, to apply it directly by hand.
  • Add 80 drops of cinnamon oil to1l of water, and spray your cat with it or if you prefer, give it a good massage.

Lice remedies

Lice are parasites that, unlike fleas and ticks, do not leave the ‘host’, in this case the cat. However, there is something you can do and that is to bathe it every three days with water to which you will have added the liquid of two lemons.

Do not forget to wash the beds, blankets, sheets, and others that the animal has used to rest. If he does not improve, take him to the vet so he can tell you what to do to permanently eliminate the lice.

Internal parasites


To combat them and repel internal parasites, you can give your furry the following:

  • Mix ground dried thymewith your regular food.
  • For a week, you can give him a small spoonful of pumpkin seeds. Mix them with wet food and you are sure to eat them without problem. In addition, they will serve you, not only to expel and prevent intestinal parasites, but also as a laxative.
  • Leave your adult cat (do not do if she is less than 1 year old) fasting for a full day, or 12 hours minimum, allowing her to only drink water with a couple of small spoons of apple cider vinegar. The next day, mix another teaspoon of garlic with your food.
    It may seem like a cruel act, but allowing the body itself to rest for a day or 12 hours and the digestive system to cleanse itself with the water you drink will help eliminate lice, whether in cats, dogs or humans.
    As for garlic, it is said to be a very toxic food for domestic animals, but so far no serious study has been found to indicate such a thing; rather the opposite: this food is a natural insecticide that, in very small quantities, turns out to bevery beneficial for cats (by the way, also for humans 🙂).
    Despite being a very effective remedy, you should not make it fasting for a day or 12 hours more than in those cases in which the other remedies have not had the expected effect.



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