Home remedies for coughs in cats

Coughing is a symptom that cats usually have sometime in their life . Being originally from the African continent, there are many who seek the shelter of a blanket or human arms during the autumn and winter. And still, they can catch cold and cough.

It is not usually a serious problem, unless they have other symptoms such as fever, vomiting and / or diarrhea, but it is still important that they are treated. Therefore, below we offer you a series of home remedies for coughs in cats .

Why does my cat cough?

Cough is a symptom of various causes. Namely:

  • Heart problems: heart failure, heartworm or filariasis , pulmonary edema or thrombosis.
  • From the upper airways: common cold, tumors in the throat, trachea or larynx.
  • Of the lower airways: inflammation, infection or tumors in the lungs, bronchi or lymph nodes.

Home remedies for cough

The remedies that we are going to tell you next aim to relieve coughs. But you should know that, before doing anything, it is better to go to the vet to examine them. In some cases, they will need veterinary treatment to heal. That said, these are the care that can be provided at home:

  • You have to keep them warm, providing blankets. You can also buy them some beds that are cave type, which are lined with stuffed fabric that is not only very comfortable but also protects them from the cold.
  • Keep all doors and windows closed. This prevents drafts.
  • Clean the eyes and nose. To do this, use a clean gauze with physiological saline for each eye and another for the nose.
  • You have to let them rest. It is very, very important that they get as much sleep as they need to recover.
  • Make sure they drink enough. If they become dehydrated, they will quickly get worse. So that you can take better control, you should know that a cat should drink about 50ml for every kg it weighs. If they drink less, give them wet cat food or boneless chicken broth so they get the water they need.


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