Himalayan cat a lovely feline Breed

The Himalayan cat is a beautiful feline that has a very tender look and a coat that you will not be able to stop caressing. Also, if we add to that that he has a very sweet and friendly character, we will be talking without any doubt about an amazing furry.

As if that were not enough, as it is a cross between two breeds known for their joy and tranquility, the Himalayan is a feline especially suitable for those with a calm nature .

Origin and history


Although it may seem otherwise, the Himalayan cat does not come from the Himalayas, but from Sweden. In fact, the name was given by the colors of their fur, which are very similar to those of the Himalayan rabbit. Their selection and breeding began in that country in 1924. There, a geneticist crossed Siamese cats with long-haired cats . But it was not until the 1930s, when Cyde Keeler and Virginia Cobb, both from Boston University (United States), were doing work on the transmission of colors between generations.

From the first crosses they obtained short-haired kittens without Siamese markings, but carriers of both the Persian and Siamese gene. From the mating of these specimens, a long-haired cat was born, which they called Debutante, which was crossed with her father. As a result, the first long-haired kitten with colored tips was born. The selection work of these scientists ended there, but was resumed in England after the Second World War, which was when the persian cat we know today first appeared.

Physical characteristics

The Himalayan cat is a compact, medium-bodied cat covered in fur that can range from white to pale blue . The face, ears, the end of the legs and the tail are of a much darker hue – usually seal brown – than the rest. The eyes are blue, round and separated.

The legs are robust and the tail is hairy and rounded. Their life expectancy is 15 years .

Behavior and personality

This beautiful furry is a calm, sociable, intelligent animal. He enjoys being home with his family, although he also likes to go out In addition, he learns easily and can live well with children and other furry ones.


In order for him to be happy, he will need us to give him a good quality diet  (either feed or natural food) without cereals, that we take him to the vet whenever he needs it, and that we brush him once or twice a day to remove his hair dead and thus prevent hairballs from forming.

But in addition to providing these basic care, it is very important that we dedicate time to it . Although it is a calm cat, you must play with it daily so that it does not get bored or frustrated. In pet stores we will find a wide variety of toys for felines, such as ropes, balls, toy mice, stuffed animals, laser pointers, etc. Choose those that you like the most, and have fun with your cat.


Due to its physical characteristics, it has a tendency to suffer from ophthalmological, jaw and facial alterations , such as snoring or breathing problems. In addition, their eyes tend to water quite regularly, so they have to be cleaned daily.

How to buy


Would you like to live with one of these animals? To make the most successful purchase, here are a series of tips that will help you so that your furry future arrives home healthy, and with all the papers in order:

Buy from a hatchery

This is a very popular breed, so it won’t be difficult to find a kennel. But to find the most suitable one, you must check that  the center’s facilities are clean , that  the animals are active and well cared for , and it is also extremely important that  the manager answers all the doubts you have  without haste.

The person who is dedicated to raising animals for subsequent sale, must know the breed that works and respect it, so he will  never give you a puppy less than two months old . If he wants to give it to you, distrust.

Once the day arrives,  the puppy will be delivered to you with all the papers in order, including the pedigree.

Buy from a private individual or in a pet store

You will often find advertisements for the sale of Himalayan cats from individuals or for sale in pet stores. Well, this is a way like any other to get your kitten, but you must bear in mind that  you will not be able to have the pedigree papers , and that you may not know the father of the little one.

As in the previous case, you cannot separate it before 2 months of age from its mother, and it  is very important that it be delivered to you healthy, active . The cat should have typical puppy behavior (i.e. playful, rambunctious, curious), so if he is too calm, or if you suspect that he is in poor health, be suspicious.

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