Highlander Cat, Characteristics And Peculiarities Of This New Breed Of Cat

Recognized as a separate breed only about ten years ago, the Highlander cat deserves to have fame and notoriety. It is, in fact, a feline with a thousand qualities. It is only a matter of time and it will spread all over the world with its golden character.

This is not a joke, his name is just what suggests the famous film of the eighties, “Highlander, the last immortal”. And, indeed, judging by the physical characteristics of this four-legged friend, the name has never been more appropriate.

But let’s discover together all the peculiarities of a truly fascinating furry, with a practically unique distinctive trait. In fact, it has ears with the tips folded back. This is just a clearly visible detail, but there are many others for which it deserves to be appreciated.

Highlander cat, the origins

Although it was only officially recognized a little over a decade ago, this breed has been around since 1993. It is still a cat relatively recent, which is thought to be the result of crossbreeding between other unidentified breeds. There are those who claim that it is a hybrid between the American Curl and a lynx.

The former can be both long and short haired, is usually single- coloured, but it can also be created in marble or with a chromatic mix. What makes experts lean towards this breed is precisely the curled shape of its ears, the result of a spontaneous evolution. The build is medium large, but – unlike the Highlander – the American Curl has a rather long tail.

The characteristics of the Highlander Cat

cat with ears back

That it’s called the Highlander Cat has its own reason, starting with the build it appears strong and muscular. It is appreciated from the first months of life, but it develops completely at three/four years.

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The muzzle is elongated, but does not give him an aggressive facial expression. His eyes are truly unique: oval, large and slightly elongated in the oriental style, they say a lot about the nature of this four-legged friend. In fact, Miao is very intelligent and always wants new stimuli.

The real distinctive feature, as we have already mentioned, are the ears. Covered with tufts of hair (so it is among the breeds of cats with very funny ear tufts), they are very often folded backwards. Especially in puppies, they stand out and make the little feline really likeable. But it is not a mere aesthetic feature: it is a form of protection from dust and earth, to avoid the formation of unpleasant infections.

It doesn’t go unnoticed either tail. It is in fact much shorter than the norm. She seems to have undergone a caudotomy (an operation which in the past unfortunately involved certain breeds of dog and which today is only allowed for health or employment reasons, see hunting dogs which risk getting hurt during the hunts), but instead it is a precise physical peculiarity of hers. In fact, it can only measure a few centimeters.

A Feline With A Unique Character

cat looking down

It is often said of all four-legged friends, especially when there is a special bond to bond with them. In this case, however, it is an objective evaluation that makes this four-legged friend very similar in character to a dog.

In fact, he is very affectionate and calm, in some ways remember the disposition of the Ragdoll. With whom he considers family he establishes an exclusive relationship of extreme fidelity.

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Sometimes his attachment is almost annoying, he follows his human dad and mom wherever they go and risks suffering from separation anxiety if he is left alone at home for so many hours. In short, this feline debunks all the false myths about cats that portray them as independent animals and unable to feel and express feelings and emotions.

It is therefore an ideal four-legged friend for those looking for company and can be counted among the ideal cat breeds for children. The important thing, however, is not to underestimate the socialization stage. He should be educated to interact correctly with the world around him. Luckily he learns quickly and his intelligence makes training easier than you can imagine.

Care And Feeding Of The Highlander Cat

cat lying on the sheets

Adopting a four-legged friend means not only pampering him, but also taking care of him at 360 degrees. It is advisable to bring it periodically to the vet never skip the administration of the pesticide and monitor it to identify any signs of discomfort to be referred to the attention of the specialist.

Fundamental, given the long coat, is the grooming. The point is to be able to prevent the formation of knots all over the body. The areas most sensitive to the problem are the neck and thighs: they therefore deserve a careful but delicate passage with the brush. If Miao has been used to it since he was a puppy, he can experience this moment as an excuse to receive extra cuddles and a very pleasant massage.

The diet must be healthy and balanced, according to the age of the Highlander Cat, the lifestyle it leads and the general state of health. Can tend to gain weight if you are particularly sedentary. In these cases it is important to follow a low-calorie diet. He’s not one of those felines whose bowl of croquettes can always be left full, self-control is not one of his strong points.

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However, if possible, always make sure it does a correct one physical activity and who channels his excess energies, to maintain a good psychophysical balance. This applies to any four-legged friend, but above all to this breed that is always looking for new stimuli.

Obesity is a disease that should not be underestimated, because it brings with it other secondary but still serious pathologies. Those who are overweight are more a diabetes risk and can suffer from high blood pressure in cats, just to name a few.

Puppies And Reproduction

As in all felines, the right moment for mating coincides with the reaching maturity sexual. Typically, the Highlander Cat comes to us around the first year of life.

The problem however, when it comes to breeds that are still so little known, is the availability of specimens with which to make beautiful and strong little ones. It is essential to rely on certified and reliable professionals, who can guarantee the good health of one or both parents.

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