Have more than two cats?

There are those who think that having a single cat is more than enough, and in fact it is. But it may also be that there are people who do not mind having more than one, or more than two, or … well, the end of this count is up to you, because only you know how many you can keep. We should not bring a new cat home just out of pain, but it is important that we think about whether we can take care of it correctly.

For all those who are considering having a third cat or more , below I am going to give you some tips so that living together is pleasant for all members of the family (and not just feline)


The first thing to think about is that cats are very territorial animals, and when a new kitten arrives they will let you know right away. We will see how he scrubs himself for everything that he thinks is his : bed, walls, doors, … This is something natural in them, and we must let him do it, because it is not a problem. However, there are cats that have always received the full attention of the human who cares for them and, having to share that affection, they can begin to urinate out of the tray or show some aggressiveness towards the new member. If this happens, the following is highly recommended:





Each cat is unique, and each one of them, with a little patience and love, will know how to get along.




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