Hairless cat breeds

Cats are very enigmatic animals that we love to pet while we have them on our lap. Most of them have hair, a soft and shiny coat that, of course, needs daily brushing so that it always looks beautiful and to avoid leaving traces wherever it passes. When you do not have much time for it or in case you do not want to vacuum so often, the best thing to do is to acquire a cat that does not have hair .

Hairless cat breeds are relatively new, and there are many more than you might think. These beautiful and elegant felines made by and for the human being, are today the ideal companions for all people, even for those who have allergies to cat dander, since as they do not have hair, they do not produce the annoying e uncomfortable allergic reactions. So, if you are thinking of increasing your family with a cat, we present you the hairless cat breeds .

Hairless cat breeds

Sphinx cat


The Sphinx cat or Sphynx is an animal of around 11kg in weight whose origin dates back to the time of the Aztec civilization, although it was not until 1830, by the hand of Rudolph Renger, that it became known. The time for this breed would come in 1902 , when J. Shinick published an article with a photograph of two hairless cats, where he explained that the breed was on the verge of extinction. From then on, breeders became interested in these cats, making them currently one of the most beloved cats.

The behavior of this cat is calm, playful and affectionate. Very dependent, you need to feel part of the family at all times. Its price is around 700 euros.

Bambino cat


The bambino cat was created from a cross between the sphinx cat and the Munchkin. It is a very new breed: in 2005 it was registered with the TICA association as an experimental breed. Small in size, its weight is 4kg. This is a very intelligent, affectionate and social animal who will not mind that there are other animals in the house. It is, therefore, the ideal cat for those who intend to have other cats and / or dogs , since it will not give any problem.

In addition, due to its small size, children will be able to hold it without getting tired , and that is something that your bambino will love. Its price is 800 euros.

Peterbald Cat


This beautiful medium-sized cat originating from the cross between the Donskoy and Siamese breed, in 1994 in Russia, is very different from the Sphynx, just as its creator, Mrs. Olga Mironova, intended. With its head in the shape of an equilateral triangle and its muscular but slim body, on high and harmonious legs, it also has an intelligent and calm look. It can become an excellent companion and friend for both children and the elderly.

Being hairless, it does not need to be brushed , although it is sure to love being stroked with a brush glove. For him, it will be a massage that will strengthen your relationship. The price of the Peterbald cat is between 800 and 1,000 euros.

Ukrainian Levkoy Cat


The Ukrainian Levkoy Cat, as its name suggests, comes from Ukraine. It was developed by Elena Biruikova. It is not yet known for sure which breeds of cats were crossed. One of them is known to be the Sphynx, but the other is still unclear, perhaps the Scottish Fold. In any case, the result could not be more impressive: a hairless cat of around 6kg with the ears folded inwards , as if it were a cat-dog.

It has a behavior very similar to that of dogs: it is sociable, intelligent, enjoys being with the family. And above all, it is very fast , so it will quickly catch your ball or the toy mouse. Its price is around 800 euros.

Don Sphynx Cat


The Don Sphynx, now called Donskoy , is a breed of cats between 5 and 7kg in weight whose origin dates back to Russia in 1987. That year a litter of short-haired cats with a dominant gene was born, and one of the kittens were born without hair, which was adopted by the Russian breeder Elena Kovaleva. While it looks a lot like the Sphynx, there is actually a very important genetic difference: in the case of the Sphinx cat, baldness is caused by a recessive gene, while the Donskoy is caused by a dominant gene.

With a playful nature, he is affectionate, active, curious and sociable. He is also very dependent on humans, and does not like to spend a lot of time alone. The sale price is around 1,000 euros.

Elf Cat


This breed is one of the most recent, from 2009. It is the result of the cross between the Sphynx and the American Curl. She weighs up to 10kg, has no hair at all, and has eyes that when you see (or see) them for the first time, it’s hard to forget that look. His face is reminiscent of a dog, and his affectionate and playful character too. Although unlike dogs, the elf cat does not need to be taken for a walk, but it does need to be active.

Affectionate and very sociable with other animals and people, it is one of the most appreciated breeds . Its price is between 700 and 1,000 euros.

Hairless cat care


Do you dare to buy a cat that does not have hair? If so, take note of the care you will need:


Cats are carnivorous animals, so a feed that has a high content of animal protein – at least 70% – will be ideal for your new friend.

Protect it from the cold

These cats are very sensitive to low temperatures, and can quickly fall ill if exposed to drafts. Thus, in autumn and winter, you have to make sure that he is warm .


Due to the absence of hair, it will be necessary to bathe it once a month . To avoid unnecessary scares and problems, get him used to the bathroom as a puppy. Put the warm water (that does not burn you), place one hand under his body and with the other, massage him with a special shampoo for cats. Afterward, towel him dry (the dryer could hurt him), and give him a well-deserved treat – whether it’s a cat treat or a pampering session – for his good behavior.

Likewise, you also have to keep your bed and the places you frequently clean . In this way, infections or diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria will be avoided.

Veterinary care

Like all domestic animals, hairless cats should also be taken to the vet regularly. He must be given the mandatory vaccines , such as rabies, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, or leukemia, among others, and the microchip , which even if he is not going to leave home, is mandatory.

It will also be necessary to take it every time it shows any of these symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite and / or weight
  • Urine with blood
  • Convulsions
  • Shortness of breath

If it has a fracture or a serious injury, or if you suspect that something may happen to it, veterinary attention is essential so that the animal recovers as soon as possible.


And so far our special on hairless cat breeds. We hope you liked it. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment 🙂.

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