Habits of cats, the most common and their explanations

Anyone who lives with a cat can’t help but notice some rather bizarre behaviors that, at least to the untrained eye, may seem meaningless. The truth is that typical cat habits they always have a reason for being.

Not only is there a logic behind every single behavior, but there are just reasons that we can explain scientifically. In short, a fascinating and beautiful way that helps us to better understand our beloved Micio.

Most behaviors are related to the feline instinct and are completely normal for our four-legged friends. Sudden ambushes, unbridled racing, climbing and so on and so forth: here are the most common and their explanation!

Understanding The Behavior Of Cats: When They Attack Anything That Moves

The habits of cats cannot always be fully explained. One of these is related to the fact that they attack anything that moves within their range, especially if it is objects or even very small animals. Nothing so strange, actually.

Insects, mice, balls and yes, even our feet (ouch us). These are all things that Micio sees as “prey”, so his hunting instinct automatically pushes him to observe them, chase them and attack them at the right moment. This happens beyond the degree of domestication: it depends on the DNA.

The Cat That Cleans Itself

cat washes

How many times a day do cats lick their fur and think about their own personal hygiene? We practically lose count of them and it is impossible to quantify an exact number. Anyone who has a four-legged friend knows that it is a natural behavior and that there is nothing to worry about.

Cats are “hygiene maniacs” and they do it for a matter of cleanliness on the one hand, but on the other also because of their natural survival instinct. Kitty doesn’t like to wear strong smells that could make him easily identifiable by possible “enemies”, so he eliminates them.

Cats Sleep In Tight Spaces

sleeping cat

Our little balls of fur love to sleep and take refuge in tight and narrow spaces, sometimes so strange that they lose track of them for hours on end. They sneak in in the most unexpected places even uncomfortable in some ways (at least from our point of view) and it is difficult to understand why.

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Again, however, the explanation is much simpler than one might think: cats they know they are vulnerable while they sleep therefore, to protect themselves, they look for places where it is difficult to reach or attack them and from which they have the opportunity to observe who is approaching, to have all the time necessary to escape.

Cat Sneaks Everywhere

The cat sneaks into tight and narrow spaces not only when he sleeps, but also during the day in moments that apparently don’t make sense. They enter the shopping bags, in boxes, in drawers, in the wardrobe doors, all habits that cats put into practice – once again – because of their feline instinct.

It is simply a curious animal that loves to explore, for a sort of Indiana Jones spirit. And then he wonders if there isn’t some small prey hiding in these spaces. Speaking of which, here’s why cats bring dead animals as gifts and why do cats love boxes?

Why The Cat Rubs On People

cat between the legs

Among the habits of cats there is one that is very well known. We all know that they rub themselves on people (and things) so decisively and with such commitment that they leave us a little dumbfounded. The feline instinct always has something to do with it, this time the one that pushes these beautiful animals to mark your territory.

Rubbing his muzzle, back or touching with his paws allows him to leave your smell on people and objects, which ‘outlines’ the area to which it belongs, in fact. It is used to keep away any intruders or enemies. Here’s what to know about cat territory.

And He’S Always Scratching The Furniture

This is also one of the territorial habits of our cats. It is true that a feline claws on furniture and surfaces because they need it to sharpen claws and stretch keeping muscles and bones supple and fit, but on the other hand the purpose has to do with the above case.

The famous glands with which cats they secrete their own odor trail they are found on the muzzle and under the tail, but also between the pads of the paws. That’s why they always feel the need to “scratch” everything.

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Purring Cat

cat with closed eyes

Cat purrs can communicate different moods. Miao does them to express her happiness but also in an effort to relax. The release of endorphins that is produced, in fact, helps the animal to relieve any pain or discomfort This is precisely why cats can purr when they are nervous, sick or in pain.

In support of this thesis it is also proved that the vibrations emitted by the purrs have the same frequency used in some rehabilitation therapies (i.e. 25-150HZ). Speaking of which, is the cat really happy if it purrs?

Because The Cat Makes Pasta

In addition to the classic purr, one of the strangest habits of cats is that of making pasta, as they say. It happens when Micio starts to “knead” his belly or his favorite blanket with his paws, pressing regularly and simultaneously purring. Why does she do it? First of all because it’s the same thing he does to suckle his mother’s milk when he’s a puppy (and you’re like her mother!), Secondly because he can also mark his territory in this way. In short, she is telling you that you are her property!

Cat That Licks You And Then Bites

cat bites hand

If we talk about strange habits of cats, we cannot leave out all the times that, in the middle of cuddling, they lick you and then suddenly ‘change personalities’ and begin to bite vehemently. Not crazy, of course. The reasons for this behavior can be different, starting with simple play: a cat that is used to playing aggressively sees something positive in biting.

And then there is also fear, when maybe we make a sudden or too large movement that the cat perceives as a danger. Always remember that Micio loves cuddles, but at the same time there is a limit that you should never cross to prevent him from getting angry or reacting in a strange way (as in the case of the cat that first licks and then bites).

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Many People Have Also Asked Us

kitten on tree

Since it is, more often than not, a question of behaviors seemingly senseless and insane, questions about the language of cats, verbal and non-verbal, are frequent. Especially the following. If doubts and uncertainties remain, and it is feared that Miao may be ill, the advice is to seek advice from the veterinarian and/or an expert ethologist.

Why Do Carnivorous Cats Eat Grass?

We always imagine them as carnivorous predators ready to catch small animals to tear apart (so to speak), yet cats eat grass and they love it too! In truth, taste has little to do with it, they mostly do it to ‘clean up’ the tummy in a natural way therefore for a matter of pure instinct.

The grass induces vomiting, therefore it helps them to free themselves from any discomfort, from cat hairballs and from what causes stomach ache. And then remember that the grass contains a substance called folic acid, which helps to expel indigestible substances but also contributes to the correct functioning of the digestive tract, avoiding the risk of inflammation.

Why do cats love heights, but can’t go down?

Among the most common cat habits, as you may have noticed, felines love climb trees and furniture and spend their time observing their surroundings from above. This behavior is due to their innate curiosity and predatory instinct, and makes them feel in full control of everything that happens around them.

However, however, due to the anatomy of their paws – very strong uphill, but less downhill, our four-legged friends do not feel at ease when they have to go back down from a tree, a roof or even a simple ladder. Speaking of which, here’s why cats can’t get down from trees or why the cat doesn’t want to go down the stairs.

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