Guess what your cat wants to tell you when it blinks at you

Have you ever noticed that your cat looks at you and slowly blinks his eyes?

Many cat lovers consider this slow blink to be a “cat kiss . ” This slow blinking is an important form of feline communication that you can use to reinforce a more intimate relationship with your pet.

Cats find direct eye contact threatening . They don’t tend to look directly at anything unless they’re ready to attack, as they have great peripheral vision .

Slow blinking is a reassuring signal between cats and between an owner and their cat .

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Next I’ll tell you what your cat wants to tell you when it blinks.

  1. The blink means “I love you”

When your cat knows you are looking at him, he has a habit of  slowly closing his eyes  and then opening them halfway. Contrary to what you might think, these or jos semi  mean it is falling asleep. What do you know that in the  language of cats , it is a  sign of trust and affection .

In fact, when your cat adopts this behavior, it  lets its guard down  and places itself in a position of weakness. You know that in nature cats tend to always be vigilant and alert to protect themselves from predators. Blinking occurs when cats and people share their “affection” with each other, and it is at this time that the cat that closes its eyes is allowing itself to be vulnerable. He feels good,  relaxed  and safe by your side and he lets you know.

To show that you are worthy of your cat’s trust and that you love him too,  feel free to do the same . When you see it blink, close your eyes slowly, then gently open them again and look away slightly.

As advice, try not to face your cat , this could be considered a threat and affront . It is preferable to distance yourself and use peripheral vision.


  1. A behavior also used with other cats

If you have  several cats  at home, you will have seen that sometimes they are also looking at each other with blinking eyes . Slow blinking is a type of “friend” behavior that you will commonly see among cats that are friendly to each other. If you watch closely as they greet each other, you will notice that this happens shortly before touching their noses and rubbing their bodies. In fact, this form of communication is  not only reserved for humans.

The  big cats such as tigers and lions also practice this eye blinking to indicate that you are relaxed and that your intentions are not hostile. Therefore, it is above all a  friendly gesture.



How to get your cat to blink at you slowly

The best way to achieve a slow blink from your cat is to bring it closer to you. Take several deep breaths and feel the relaxation throughout your body. T or cat feel your energy , so it is important that you note as calm as possible.

Face your cat and slowly close your eyes as if you are falling asleep, open them gently, and then avoid eye contact with the cat. Maintaining direct eye contact with your cat can interpret it as a threat, so it is best to start looking away while opening your eyes with a slow blink.

Once you have done it right, you will have shown your cat that you are friendly and relaxed.

After finishing the slow blink, you can try to extend your hand slowly while looking away. As I have said, your cat will feel more comfortable if you see them indirectly (using your peripheral vision) instead of facing the front.

If your cat lowers his head or begins to rub his head against your hands with his face, he invites you to pet him . But don’t be mad if your cat wanders away.



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