The Korat

Top 5 Green Eyed Cat Breeds

Cats’ eyes are fascinating. Their ability to glow in the dark undoubtedly contributes greatly to this. Their pupils are also capable of changing shapes depending on their mood. It is a reflex related to their hunting activities: the pupils dilate to capture as much light as possible and develop better vision. As for the color of their eyes, they come in many tones. If you are a fan of green, here are 5 cat breeds that have eyes of this color.

1- The Korat

The Korat is a cat from Thailand. He would be one of the lucky cats mentioned in the collection of Thai poems Tamra Meow. Its 30-year longevity, nearly double the average longevity of cats, likely contributes to this status.

It is characterized by a blue coat (as a reminder, the so-called “blue” color for cats corresponds to gray) and eyes always green. It is only between 2 and 3 years old that he acquires the definitive colors of his coat and his eyes. Like all kittens, at birth, he has indeed blue eyes, then evolving towards the color amber, before becoming “peridot” green, which corresponds to an olive-green hue.

During cat shows, morphology is an important evaluation criterion. There are 3 main types of morphology: breviline or cobby, medioline and slender or oriental. The Korat is a so-called “semi-cobby” cat: it is powerful and muscular, while maintaining an elegant silhouette, never massive. And it is thanks to its powerful hind legs that it is able to perch on the highest piece of furniture in the house.

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The Egyptian Mau

2- The Egyptian Mau

Ancient Egyptian enthusiasts will find their happiness with the Egyptian Mau: indeed, it is said to be one of the oldest domestic cat breeds in the world. It would have been 4000 years since this breed existed as such. “Mau” actually means “cat” in Egyptian. Some even go so far as to see in the black traces drawn by its fur on the forehead a shape evoking sometimes the Egyptian beetle, sometimes an M shape as in “Mau”…

Its coat can be of four colors: bronze, silver, black smoke and black. Again, fans of this cat are sure to consider the bronze color to be the most authentic as the warm brown reminds them of the color of ancient Egyptian papyri.

The eyes of the Egyptian Mau are green “gooseberry”i.e. pale greens.

It is a cat made for a stable and reliable master: with an extremely sensitive temperament, some individuals of this breed have starved themselves to death due to stress or significant grief.

The Maine Coon

3- The Maine Coon

The coat of the Maine Coon is medium-long, with an undercoat. In cat shows, all colors are allowed for this breed, with the exception of chocolate and lilac. The eye color palette is wide, ranging from gold to green, with white cats being able to have blue or odd-colored eyes (each eye has a different color from the other).

He is a rustic cat, very close to his master. Its easy temperament makes it a good companion for children: it prefers flight to paws in the event of an attack.

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It’s also a cat love the waterbeing quite capable of wading through his bowl of water.


4- Bengal

The Bengal comes from the cross between a domestic cat and the bengal leopard cat (Prionailurus Bengalensis). This breed required significant selection work to achieve the appearance of the leopard cat. The color of his eyes is green, gold, blue or aquamarine, varying with the color of the dress.

He has also retained the hunting instincts of his wild parent, while being an easy-going, non-aggressive cat. This is why it is advisable to take him out in a harness with a lanyard so that he is not tempted to go hunting at the neighbour’s. On the other hand, with its short hair, it requires very little maintenance.

the sphynx

5- The sphynx

The eyes of the sphynx are shaped like a lemon, and their color can be deep blue, aquamarine, gold or green.

It is one of the newest cat breeds. Some individuals have completely bare skin, but others may be covered in down and hair on the nose, the outside of the ears, and the tips of the legs.

If the cat has light skin, it will be necessary to coat the cat with Solar cream mineral total screen to let it be exposed to the sun without worry.

If it is a cat that obviously does not lose its hair, it however secretes a brownish sebum due to a thicker skin than most cats, sebum which can stain. Even if these stains are easily washable, it is preferable to maintain it regularly by dampening all of its body. Cla is preferable to a full wash which accentuates sebum production.

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