The Russian Blue

Gray Cat: The 6 Most Beautiful Breeds With An Entirely Gray Coat

The quality of the coat is an important criterion for evaluating the belonging of a cat to a breed. The description concerning the color and the presence or absence of stains is often precise. If you particularly like the gray color, here are the 6 most beautiful breeds with a really and entirely gray coat.

A Gray Cat Or A Blue Cat?

Each universe has its vocabulary. With regard to that of cats, specialists use the term “blue” to designate a gray coat. On the photos, depending on the lighting, the hair of the cats can actually appear blue. But in this article, we use the term “gray” and not “blue”.

The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a cat with a short, fine and smooth coat, dark gray in color with some silver highlights. To be considered a true Russian Blue, his fur must not show no white marks.

He is an elegant and muscular cat. It is gentle and discreet, meowing very little. He is not suited to a family made up of children full of energy because he likes calm and hates the unknown. It can spend whole days resting on its owner.

Like all cats, the Russian Blue washes itself. To maintain a beautiful coat, weekly brushing will suffice. This will help prevent bowel obstructions caused by hair removed during grooming.

The Korat

The Korat

The Korat is a cat with a semi-short, semi-long coat. The Official Book of Feline Origins (LOOF) specifies that its coat is glossy and satiny, of a beautiful uniform gray color, no scratches or stains. Its coat must be maintained by rubbing with a glove and brushed twice a week. The Korat sheds little hairwhich makes it a suitable cat for people combining a love of cats and an allergy to cats.

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The Korat takes its name from the eponymous Thai region where it is a symbol of abundance and wealth. Like the Russian Blue, he is a homebody, rather intended for calm people because he hates noise.

Her body is all in harmonious curves. Gaining weight easily, care must be taken not to overfeed it.

The Nebelung

The Nebelung

The Nebelung, a name meaning “creature of the mists”, comes from the Russian Blue. His coat is dark gray. It is a small, muscular but fine-boned cat, characterized by its big green eyes. He is also renowned for his longevity which can reach 25 years.

His temperament is the same as that of the Russian Blue: discreet, very cuddly, appreciating calm and hating the unknown. Its coat is silky and don’t tangle, without this exempting him from his weekly brushing. During moulting, brushing will be daily.



The Chartreux is renowned for its uniform gray coat. Although short, his coat is provided, woolly and waterproof, allowing it to withstand cold and bad weather. Weekly brushing is sufficient but it is best to watch it during moulting, as it can risk intestinal obstruction.

The character of this cat is tempered: he can be violent if things around him do not go as he has decided. Also children will only be able to play with him if he has been accustomed to their contact at a very young age.

The British Shorthair

The British Short hair

A cousin of the Chartreux, the British Shorthair is a breed that meets very specific standards. It is a medium to large sized cat, robust and rounded. His eyes are still wide open. Its coat is short and dense and weekly brushing is sufficient, except during the moulting period during which brushing becomes daily.

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There are seventeen shades of coats for this breed of cat. In a competition context, the criteria are strict: to claim to belong to the race of British Shorthair called “blue”, the cat must have both a gray coat and eyes between gold and copper. If this is not the case, the cat will only be a cat with a gray coat and will not be able to participate in a contest.

British Shorthairs are adaptable cats. Even if they are rather calm, they like to play and will therefore be happy to be around children. Being sensitive animals, you have to be careful that they are not considered fluff. Children should not play with them in an inappropriate way.

The Persian

The Persian

The Persian is one of the oldest long-haired cat breeds. Her crushed nose gives him an angry or pretentious air, depending on the interpretations. Its coat is not only gray but can also be black, red, cream, white… Of medium size, it has small legs but a large chest.

He is calm and gentle and he likes routine. This breed of cats has a very fragile health. Due to his crushed nose, the Persian can develop respiratory diseases. Kidney pathologies are also common. And it can develop many other infections: the list is unfortunately a bit long. The Persian needs daily brushing because his hair tends to tie knots. It is also advisable to check his ears and eyes, which may water. It is therefore necessary to clean your face regularly with a damp cotton.

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