Golden coats in British and Siberian breed cats

Golden Coats In British And Siberian Breed Cats

Their dress wears golden yellow to orange shades and they are flamboyant! They impress us even more under the rays of the sun: the british and golden siberians ! Sometimes confused with red or brown cats, they nevertheless have a more complex coat in its coloring.

Golden is relatively rare and is not accepted by the standards of all races. British, Siberian and Persian are among the lucky ones, among others.

Discover what hides the mysterious golden dressits nuances and its genetics.

What Is Golden In Cats?

It happens that cats have an undercoat described as “chick yellow to golden” by Alyse Brisson, specialist in the genetics of colors in cats. They are then said to be “golden”.

This background is added to the base color. To know it, you have to look at the pads of the cat. Thus, a black cat, for example, will present a golden yellow undercoat, if it is bluish gray at the base, its undercoat is then golden yellow or pink.

There is therefore not a golden, but goldens. It’s not a color, but a variation of the original color, which makes it more yellow or more golden.

The Different Shades In Golden

As there is not a golden but goldens, a black cat with the variation will be called “black golden”, a blue cat will become “blue golden”, a chocolate cat will be “chocolate golden”. There are also colorpoint and golden cats.

The golden can be on a tabby (striped) or shaded (powdered) pattern or even called “shell” when the original color takes even less length on the hair.

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In the Siberian, to complicate everything, there are sunshine cats which are not recognized by cat associations, and are often confused with the golden because they have a golden coat. They have warm tones with black slippers under the paws and all pink noses.

On the other hand, the british sunshine are recognised: they have a particularly light (almost white), luminous and warm appearance with peach nuances.

The golden poses big problems for breeders to register their cats in the right color in the LOOF (official book which lists purebred cats). Indeed, the LOOF does not yet recognize all the goldens, but only some, because it is neither a color nor a pattern.

Let’S Talk About Genetics

Is there a golden gene as there is one for colorpoint dresses?

The observation of crosses between golden and non-golden cats, whether British, Siberian, Persian or other, suggests that the golden is recessive. Indeed, when you marry a golden cat with a non-golden one, the kittens are not golden. They can, however, be carriers. If some kittens are still golden, it is because the non-golden parent is itself a carrier.

However, the genetics of the golden remains for the moment a mystery that is still being studied. Every day brings new information. Indeed, breeders and owners, like the LOOF, came together in 2018 to collect DNA samples from golden cats, not only British and Siberian, but also Kurilians, alley cats and Scottish Fold. The goal was to understand the genetics of this fascinating coat.

Currently, the idea is put forward that it would be one or more mutations in a gene. In effect, Dr. Marie Abitbol is a veterinarian teacher-researcher in genetics in Lyon. She recently identified one of the golden mutation genes, the “copper”but there are still unresolved questions and a mystery hanging over this golden dress.

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Does Color Have An Influence On Character?

It is said that ginger cats are cuddly, that females tortoiseshell or torties have a lot of character. Can we lend a line of special character of golden cats ? Some breeders give them an “intensity” in behavior: more cuddly, more dynamic, more creative in small nonsense… but this is more a legend than a reality. It is impossible to verify, even less to prove!

Where Can I Find A Golden Cat Or Kitten?

It’s a rare dress. And since it is rare, it is in high demand. It is therefore quite difficult to find it, especially on alley cats, but luck exists and some street cats are golden.

If you want to force luck, choose a breed that works particularly golden: British longhair or shorthair, Siberian, Persian. Check that the breeder’s breeders wear this dress so that the kittens also wear it.

Did You Know ?

the Siberian is a naturally hypoallergenic cat. Indeed, its saliva contains very little protein. LEF D1, the one that gets on his coat when he licks himself and causes allergies in some people.

What Is The Price Of A Golden Cat?

The price of a purebred cat can go up quite high, especially if it is of “repro” (reproduction) or “expo” (exhibition) quality. In this case, count around 2,000 euros.

If it is of “company” quality, to accompany you at home on a daily basis, it is necessary to plan between 1,200 and 1,600 euros for a LOOF cat, born in good conditions with rigorous health monitoring and serious socialization.

Did you know ?

You must always ask for the litter registration number, which can be checked on the LOOF website, if you do not want to end up with a cat that was sold to you as purebred when it is not. This assures you that he has the parents you are being introduced to. This is requested when booking. If the breeder is not able to introduce him to you, beware!

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